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Your Veterans Benefits and Entitlements
By Bill Devereaux, Director, Veterans Programs, NJDMAVA
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New Jersey Army National Guardsmen learn about their benefits as veterans during the reconstitution process. Photo by Lt. Col. Roberta Niedt, NJDMAVA/PAO.
Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom have caused a dramatic increase in the number of deployed reserve-component units, ultimately increasing the number of federal and N.J. state veterans.

As veterans, you are entitled to many State and Federal benefits. These benefits are administered through the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NJDMAVA) and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

It is important for National Guard and Reserve Component members who have been mobilized, as well as their dependents, to take advantage of their entitlements.

The NJDMAVA operates 14 Veterans Service Offices (VSO) throughout the state (see list on page 24). VSO’s are available to assist with understanding of entitlements, as well as filing claims.

Below is a summary of your benefits and entitlements you may be eligible for:

State Benefits
  • Veterans Preference Status: for Civil Service and Other Employment Benefits.
  • Home Ownership Benefits: includes NJ Property Tax Deduction of $250.
  • Educational Benefits: State Approving Agency.
  • Grants and Aids.
  • Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve: assistance provided to ensure vets are given fair and equal consideration for jobs upon return from deployment.
  • Transportation: available for medical and psychological care through county contractors.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Counseling: Member and dependents, individual and group counseling. (Many of the state benefits listed above can be applied for during Reconstitution).

  • Federal Benefits
  • VA Healthcare: enrollment, to include prescriptions. Healthcare: two-years to enroll Dental: 90 days to enroll.
  • Injury Claims: Line Of Duty and other injuries incurred while on Title 10 orders.
  • Montgomery GI Bill Benefits.
  • Home Loan Guarantee: Certificate of Eligibility.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation as needed.

  • In summary, veterans should make an appointment at the nearest VSO to discuss their particular circumstances. As stated earlier, it is extremely important for our National Guard and Reserve Component members to take advantage of the benefits available to them and their families. Many entitlements are time sensitive.

    Your DD-214
    Your DD-214 is your most important military document. Almost all benefits require that you submit a copy of your DD-214. Never send away your original documents! Always submit a copy and keep your original. Call 888-8NJ-VETS for more information.
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