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Incentive Flights Available
By Staff Sgt. Barb Harbison, 108ARW/PA
I believe I have one of the best jobs a person can have in the military: working in Public Affairs. I am fortunate to have worked in the field both while active duty Army and now in the New Jersey Air National Guard.

While I haven’t gone to all the cool places that the pilots and crew have visited, a recent weekend found me traveling on a KC-135E to Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., with a group of Airmen from the 108th Civil Engineering Squadron who were going there for a Silver Flag exercise. I was “embedded” for a few days during the exercise.

I had a great time, wish I could have spent the whole week with them, but Monday afternoon found me back in the Stratotanker flying back to the chilly climes of New Jersey. On the way back home, the crew was performing a refueling and as the sole passenger, I got to watch the entire experience.

I’m lucky. I have escorted various groups on their flights so I have seen a number of refuelings. But this one was special because I didn’t have to share it with anyone. I got to watch the entire refueling. It fascinates me that I am thousands of feet in the air and I can see the face of the pilot in the plane below me during the refueling.

A one-time incentive flight is available for all active, drilling members of both the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard and their spouses. And take it from me – it is an experience. (My husband took advantage of the spouse incentive flight two years ago and still talks about his flight.)

I would encourage any Guard member or spouse who has not taken the incentive flight to sign up for one as soon as you can. It’s free and it’s fun. Just remember to dress warm as the planes can get chilly and bring your camera to memorialize your special moments. Do read your manual to know how to shut off the automatic flash as the flash is not permitted; it could distract the pilots and boom operators and we wouldn’t want that.

To sign up for a flight: contact the 108th Public Affairs Office by e-mail at or by phone at (609) 754-4173.


New Jersey Awarded 2005 Air Force Organizational Excellence
National Guard Bureau, Washington, D.C.

New Jersey’s Air National Guard Headquarters was among the nation’s top according
to a recent announcement by Maj. Gen. Charles V. Ickes II, Deputy Director, Air National Guard, National Guard Bureau, Washington, D.C.

The Air Force Organizational Excellence Award (AFOEA) is awarded to state Air National Guard headquarters based upon meritorious service.

Headquarters, New Jersey Air National Guard, located at Fort Dix, joined California, Pennsylvania and Vermont Headquarters in this honor.

“The competition was extremely keen, and each winner is commended for having been selected from an outstanding group of nominees,” noted Maj. Gen. Ickes. “The dedication and commitment of the members of these organizations enable the Air National Guard to fulfill its commitment to the missions of peacekeeping, humanitarian relief, domestic improvement, and most important of all - defense of America. Again, our congratulations to the best of the best.”

(c) 2006 NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs