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TAG's Message - You, The Recruiter
By Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Rieth, The Adjutant General - New Jersey
G-RAP Recruiter Receives Check
In a ceremony at Joint Force Headquarters NJ, Rutgers University student and Army ROTC cadet Daniel Ardalan (center) received $2,000 for serving as a Recruiting Assistant (RA) March 10. Photo by Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, NJDMAVA/PA.
Every Soldier and Airmen in the New Jersey National Guard is a marketer’s dream. The perfect combination of qualities which people look up to or inspire others to emulate.

You are the embodiment of selfless service, integrity, determination, motivation, leadership, loyalty and respect for others. Those outstanding personal traits are wrapped up in a drug-free and physically fit body. You are taking advantage of free college tuition or VA educational benefits to further your education to expand your civilian and military careers.

You are planning your future by putting away a portion of your Guard pay into the Thrift Savings Plan to save money for retirement.

You are the best advertisement we have. If a recruiter approached your friend or relative to talk about joining the National Guard, no matter how good a presentation about the benefits, that recruiter is still viewed as a stranger. Every word or idea is questioned when it comes from a stranger, no matter how personable or persuasive they may be.

It comes down to a matter of trust. Now imagine that same conversation with you talking to a friend or relative about the Guard, the whole discussion has a reference point, you. The people that are within your sphere of influence have seen the positive changes in your life and the how your passion for success has opened a vast landscape of options for the future.

Belonging to the National Guard is not a commodity. It is commitment, a lifestyle, and a choice. And you are the best person to explain why you have chosen the New Jersey National Guard. That is why it is so important for everyone who wears the uniform, especially our younger enlisted and officers, to take the time to join the Guard Recruiting
Assistance Program (G-RAP).

The Program works with the Guard’s greatest asset, you. You have heard the phrase that "every Soldier/Airman is a recruiter," many times over the years. Now with G-RAP, you actually learn to become a Recruiter Assistant. You get paid as you train to help others and earn money for every recruit you assist in joining the Guard.

Tapping our strength from within will assure the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard has the right personnel to protect the state and nation as we take the fight to the enemy in the Global War on Terrorism.

How to become a Recruiter Assistant

Go to and pick either Army or Air National Guard.

Take the review class (prepares you for the qualification class), then submit an online application at

Fill out the online application form and click “submit”. Read the Contractor’s Agreement and click on “I Agree”, then choose the Opt-in link within the confirmation e-mail you will receive this message from

You will receive a second e-mail from announcing your acceptance into the Guard Recruiter Assistance Program and directing to you login to begin training. Once you become qualified, you will receive $50 and a welcome packet from Docupak.

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