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The desert stretches for miles – an abundance of nothing. Slashing across that vast space is the fence – a black line that separates the faded blue sky and the dull sand and sagebrush landscape.
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Govenor applauds guard
Units representing Army National Guard, as well as the 108th Air Refueling and 177th Fighter Wings of the New Jersey Air National Guard participated in the New Jersey National Guard’s 24th Annual Governor’s Military Review was held on Sept. 16.

The 114th marches on
A slight movement catches the eye, the rustling of leaves and distant sounds of snapping twigs provide telltale signs. Suddenly, an enemy pops up and Soldiers hidden in the canopy burst forth into action.

Artillery creates forward operating base
“This month’s training will center on one of our biggest force multipliers, the machine gun,” cited Master Sgt. Dave Kovak, Combat Arms Section NCOIC, 177th Fighter Wing Security Forces.


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