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TAG's Message - Being Prepared
By Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Reith, The Adjutant General- New Jersey
TAG's Message
Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Rieth addresses the Soldiers and Airmen of the 21st Civil Support Team during the Change of Command ceremony held at the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville on Nov. 28. Photo by Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, NJDMAVA/PA.

Before 2007 has even ended, Soldiers of New Jersey’s 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team have begun the Soldier Readiness Process (SRP) at our Joint Training and Training Development Center.  These are some of the first steps in the long road to mobilization and deployment.  2008 will see half of the Garden State’s Soldiers deploying to Iraq.  But whether deployed overseas or operating on our own turf, our Hometown Team is getting the job done!

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, on a recent visit with Army National Guard troops deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, expressed his appreciation for their service and sacrifice and willingness to serve their country.  He stated that, "When you call up the Guard, you call up America."  Well, the New Jersey National Guard has answered that call, and stands ready for future contingencies.

Our Embedded Training Team (ETT) is doing well, and indications are that it will continue the great work of training members of the Afghan National Army.  The Security Forces of the 108th Air Refueling Wing are doing good work in Iraq, helping to keep friendly forces safe and our bases secure.  There are many other New Jersey Soldiers and Airmen that are deployed individually or in small teams throughout the world.  Every one of them is contributing to the security and stability of the various regions in which they are deployed.

I want to take a moment to say “welcome home” to the 108th’s 12-person Security Forces team, recently returned from southern Iraq.  These Airmen have successfully completed another outstanding job working with our active-duty counterparts in a joint environment.  Traffic on Route 95 from BWI notwithstanding, your return two days before Thanksgiving was a blessing to us all.

To the families of our Airmen and Soldiers, I can’t stress enough the importance of establishing a rapport with representatives and staff members of the various organizations that exist to support you.  I made a plea in the last issue of Guardlife for you to get to know your local Family Readiness and Assistance staff…chaplains…etc…. This is the time to do that…to get to know the men and women whose job it is to help you.  This network exists to support our Soldiers and Airmen and, especially during periods of absence, their families.

One more thing, if for any reason a Soldier, Airmen, or family member ever encounters a problem or does not know where to turn…it is my intent to provide a means by which to find an answer.  1-888-859-0352 is the number to call to find a local Family Assistance Center.  Whether preparing ahead of time or faced with an immediate, unexpected problem, keep this number handy.

As the winter months begin to show their dangerous nature, I want to remind all members of our Guard family to be careful out there.  Whether on the job, at home, or on the road…make safety a habit!  Although it does not seem this way sometimes, we are located in a region of the country were winter storms are not as bad as other parts of the nation.  However, don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security: prepare now for ice, snow, sleet and whatever else Mother Nature can possibly throw our way this season.

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