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In a scene reminiscent of a graduation ceremony, wives, husbands, parents, siblings and friends crowded into the main hangar at the 177th Fighter Wing and watched as more than 420 New Jersey Citizen-Airmen marched across a stage on June 13.
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Iraqi intrepreter joins Guard

A new life...A chance to serve
The room full of recruits preparing to ship to basic training sat motionless as Sgt. Patricia Beecher asked the question one more time.

"Come on people, who knows the Soldier's Creed," the New Jersey Army National Guard recruiter asked. Silence. Finally Pfc. Saif Odah's hand shot up; again.

The guys in green 'go green'

The guys in green 'go green'
Rusty surplus military vehicles, leaking fuel tanks, unexploded ordnance.

Those are the environmental nightmares some people imagine when they think about the military and its installations.

“Excellent” says it all

"Excellent" says it all
More than a year's worth of hard work was summarized by a single word: "Excellent."

This word and grade ensures the 177th Fighter Wing's future and means it is fully capable of performing its wartime mission – keeping jets flying and taking the fight to the enemy.


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