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Taggart chosen top First Sergeant
By Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen 177th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Photo courtesy Master Sgt. Christopher R. Taggart











  Combat seems to forge exceptional
  Non-Commissioned Offificers at the
  177th Fighter Wing.

For the second time in four years, a 177th First Sergeant was chosen as the Air National Guard's First Sergeant of the Year. And like the previous recipient Master Sgt. Daniel Mitchell Jr. served with the 177th Security Forces and had also served in Afghanistan.

Yet nearly a year ago, awards and honors were the furthest things from Master Sgt. Christopher R. Taggart's mind.

As the 455th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron First Sergeant, Taggart had been dealing with various types of issues, ranging from handling emergency leave requests, to managing the convoy operations for a visit between President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

Two months into his tour at Bagram Airfield, on the morning of May 19, Taggart found himself in the middle of a major coordinated attack by insurgents.

The attack began like most others, with indirect fire rocket propelled grenades and mortars, which quickly escalated into small arms fire with the insurgents attacking various points of the base's perimeter.

While under enemy fire, Taggart transported more than 200 Airmen to the fight. In the ensuing hours, Taggart led a group of Airmen in transporting nine armored vehicles to the base defenders.

"Taggart's quick and decisive actions were instrumental in eliminating enemy forces and defending the base," said Maj. Jan J. Burgess, Taggart's Security Forces Commander at the 177th Fighter Wing.

For 13 hours after the attack, Taggart stayed on duty moving food and water to 106 Security Forces posts to sustain operations.

Lt. Gen. Gilmary M. Hostage III, the commander of United States Air Force Central Command would later assess the assault as "the largest attack on an Air Force defended base in 40 years."

The 455th Expeditionary Security Force Squadron was named Air Force Central Command's 2010 Outstanding Large Expeditionary Security Forces Unit and Taggart received a Meritorious Service Medal for his service.

It did not end there.

It almost seems fitting that the last 177th First Sergeant to be chosen as the ANG's First Sergeant put together the package nominating Taggart for the prestigious 2011 Air National Guard Outstanding First Sergeant of the Year Award quite an honor considering he was competing against first sergeants from every Air Guard unit in the United States and its possessions.

On April 22, Lt. Gen. Harry A. Wyatt III, Director of the Air National Guard, announced the awardees Taggart was chosen.

"These Air National Guard outstanding Airmen epitomize the concept of 'Citizen Airmen' and are role models for peers and subordinates alike," said Wyatt.

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