New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
NJ Army National Guard US Property and Fiscal Office

USPFO Directory
Telephone Name E-mail Office
SSG Leonardo Betancur
609-562-0263 SGT Carla M. Bethea SSD
609-530-6794 SSG Luis Bonet SSD-W
609-530-6965 CPT Steven Brill IR
609-562-0246 SGT Crystal Burgess C-MP
609-562-0231 CSM Paula Cantara C-B
609-562-0210 COL Angelo Capolupo C
609-562-0234 SFC Jose Castro C
609-530-6756 Jackie Cefaloni SSD-T
609-530-6796 SPC Jessica Chica Warehouse
609-562-0235 SGT Ken Colon SSD
609-562-0266 SGT Javier Colquicocha  
609-530-6722 Evella L. Dawson DPC
609-530-6816 SGT Sabine Desormeau CIF
609-530-6759 SFC Fabiola deVerteuil DPC
609-562-0257 SSG Celeste Dowe SSD
609-530-6817 Alvin Estremera CIF
609-562-0232 Sandra Flores Accounting
609-562-0258 SSG Laura Garcia SSD-T
609-562-0255 SSG Monica Gonzalez SSD
609-562-0241 SGT Jason Gilsenan Finance
SSG Gregory Gourgue Warehouse
609-562-0244 Bonnie Gulick DTS
609-562-0226 Kathy Hines PC
609-562-0265 1LT Christopher Hower Contracting
609-562-0237 MSG Dean Hughes Front Office
609-530-6488 SGT Dominic John DPC
609-562-0202 SFC Dewey Johnson C-MP
609-562-0233 SGT Robin Johnson C
609-562-0262 CW4 Artie Kimbrough SSD-W
609-530-6705 SSG Amber Knickman Warehouse
609-530-7122 1SG Francis Koszyk Warehouse
609-562-0256 WO1 Maria Luna SSD
609-562-0247 Jill Maldonado C-PE
609-562-0221 LTC Jose Maldonado PC
609-530-6908 Kristen McCormik IR
609-530-6938 Robert McGehee IR
609-562-0254 SSG Savary Metelus  
609-562-0251 MAJ John Moreland Contracting
609-562-0211 COL Erik Myhre Front Office
609-562-0236 SGT Miosotis Ortiz Accounting
609-562-0228 COL William Peace SSD
609-562-0212 Margaret Petrangeli Front Office
609-530-6763 SSG Ryan Pikul CIF
609-530-6791 CPT Stephen Pruser DPC
609-562-0143 Letitia Queen Front office
SGT Alberto Rodriguez-Ortiz Warehouse
609-530-6799 WO1 Glenn Siegman Warehouse
609-562-0223 CW3 John Simms Contracting
609-562-0218 SGT Nichole Tozzo Front Office
SGT Raheen Travis Warehouse
609-530-6755 Jennifer Waisempacher CIF
609-562-0261 SSG Emerson Westwood Finance
609-530-6789 William Whitehurst DPC
609-562-0259 CW2 Randall Williams SSD
609-530-6919 Erin Wilsberg IR
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