NJ Veteran Journal
Fall 2005 Edition

DCVA Message

DCVA Stephen G. AbelMy Fellow Veterans,

As you all are aware, this is a major election year in New Jersey. We will be electing a new Governor as well as the entire General Assembly on November 8th. It is important that you get out and vote because if a large number of veterans turn out on Election Day, it will strengthen my position as I work for you on veteran’s issues.

I vote to honor my civic responsibility; to honor the fallen Soldiers from my unit; and all those proud heroes who never made it home.

But most of all, I vote because it makes a material difference in the lives of soldiers and families in my state. When elected officials know I care – and that I will make my voice heard – it makes a difference.

I am proud that mine was one among five million votes cast in New Jersey during the last election. However, only 20 percent of my veteran brothers and sisters in arms votes.

Despite the valiant efforts of these fighting men and women to defend that most cherished freedom of democracy, so many of us forget to hold the lines on election day.

It’s time to report for duty one more time. Service members, veterans and civilians – we all need to fall-in.

We’re fit, ready and able. We’re here for duty. We’re proud to serve again.

Be Powerful, Be Heard – Vote New Jersey!

With regards,

Stephen G. Abel
Deputy Commissioner for Veterans Affairs

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Be Powerful, Be Heard
DCVA Message
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Veterans Homes Criteria
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VSO Listing

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