Summer 2007 Edition NJDMAVA Veterans

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Ocean County Donation

Retired Col. Stephen G. Abel presents Linda Rieth a
check on behalf of the American Legion for the New
Jersey State Family Readiness Council. The Council
provides grants to New Jersey National Guard families
who are experiencing financial hardship due to
the deployment of a spouse.

“To be of most service to my brother I must meet him on the most equal and even ground.” Dear Veteran, When American author Henry David Thoreau wrote those words in the early 1800’s he could not have envisioned the generosity that veterans have shown to fellow veterans of New Jersey.

Sometimes I even have trouble comprehending the vastness of support you provide to your brother veterans. I look at the sheer hours volunteered, the thousands of dollars worth of goods provided at no cost and money donated every year by veteran service organizations and wonder if this will continue.

I know it will as veterans share a common bond that sets you apart from the rest of the population. This bond is stregthening with every conflict that our nation’s men and women are called to serve. It is those donated hours, goods and money that enhances the quality of life for the residents of our memorial homes or eases the transition for those homeless veterans working to achieve a better life at Veterans Haven.

This outpouring of support in both time and money has extended well past the veterans circle. Community and business groups like the New Jersey State Elks with their Army of Hope and the scholarship program supported by the New Jersey League of Community Bankers, are just two examples of how support for veterans present and past, has grown in the Garden State. The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs can not say ‘thank you’ enough for all you have done.

Another area where the business leaders are supporting this department and our mission is with the outreach program. Mall property managers have opened their doors to the traveling information kiosk, allowing Veteran Service Officers three-days to provide information to veterans or their family members on benefits and programs.

Many of the shopping malls where the outreach kiosk has visited in past months have now offered the valuable center court space for ceremonies to present New Jersey state service medals. This is a wonderful opportunity to honor these veterans and have the public join in the ceremony.

When I speak of honoring service to this nation, the edication of the new administration and maintenance complex at the Brig. Gen. William C. Dole Veterans Memorial Cemetery is a perfect example.

Now when anyone visits the busiest state cemetery in the country they will know this hallowed ground is the final resting place of Medal of Honor recipient 1st Lt. Francis X. Burke. The spirit and story of this ordinary hero will now be told on the walls of the new complex. I wish you a healthy and safe summer; and look forward to continued success with all our partners in support of the veterans of this great state.