NJ Veteran Journal
December 2005 Edition

Governor's Letter

Acting Governor Richard J. CodeyDear Friends,

As my time as Acting Governor of New Jersey nears its end, I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their tremendous support through this difficult time in the history of our state. I think it is important to give special thanks to you, our veterans.

New Jersey’s veterans are among the most valuable of our state’s resources. The pride and bravery you all have demonstrated throughout your careers has benefited everyone throughout the Garden State in every aspect of life. We are free, safe and prosperous thanks in great measure to our valiant servicemen and women.

My job has been a little scary at times over the past year. However, when I think about the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform, it puts everything in perspective.

A lot has happened over the past year, but I can tell you two things that did not happen: no new taxes and no scandals. I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given. While I never sought it, and never expected it, I tried to be the best Governor I knew how to be. With the help of leaders and supporters from throughout government and our communities, we were able to accomplish
some remarkable things.

We passed the toughest ban on pay to play in the country. We made ethics training mandatory for every state worker. We restored the Public Advocate, and created the Inspector General. We persuaded the Giants and the Jets to work together to build a new stadium at no cost to the taxpayers. We cut the budget more than anyone ever has and still found the money to expand health insurance for the working poor. All this, and we made New Jersey a safer place, improving security in our schools and communities. We have taken great efforts to ensure that our veterans are given the services they need and deserve by extending benefits and standing up to the federal government when they threatened to cut funding for veteran’s programs.

It’s been an eventful year, but I am looking forward to returning my attention to my duties as Senate President. Thank you again for your support and your dedication. New Jersey’s veterans will always be an important part of my focus as a public servant. After all you have given for us, I firmly believe it is the least I can do for you.

With regards,

Richard J. Codey
Acting Governor

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