Customer Abstract Information Retrieval Program-Limited Online Access Program

The Customer Abstract Information Retrieval (CAIR) Program, also referred to as Limited Online Access Program (LOAP) in NJ Statute N.J.A.C. 13:18-11.4(F), offered by the MVC to provide qualified businesses or government agencies quick and direct access to records as permitted under the Driver Privacy Protection Act N.J.S.A 39:2-3.4(c).

The CAIR program offers records to companies that have a proven need for repeated high-volume record requests. This provides access to:

  • Driver History Abstracts
  • Registration Inquiries
  • Ownership Histories
  • Title Inquiries
  • Driver Status

Note: MVC records cannot be searched based on name and/or address. CAIR does not release social security number, insurance information or medical information. CAIR cannot be used to surveil, investigate, or locate individuals for non-motor vehicle related activities such as immigration enforcement, domestic disputes, or matchmaking services.

If you are interested in using CAIR in your business, you need to apply for a CAIR account.  Submit an application [492k pdf] and IT Questionnaire [pdf], with proof of your business credentials (Certificate of Incorporation, Licenses, etc.).  Send application to:

225 East State Street – 4 West
P.O. Box 122
Trenton, NJ 08666 – 0122

When completing the application, we require that you indicate in your own words, the “specific intended use” for the requested data.  Applications will be denied if you  copy your answers from the MVC website.
Please direct any questions to:

(609) 292-4572
Fax (609) 341-2732