CAIR Regulations

The MVC prohibits the distribution and unauthorized use of information collected from the CAIR Program.

You do not have permission to store the data, create a personal database or sell any data collected through CAIR to any third party, unless you receive a signed notice in writing stating that the third party will not store or build any database from the information.

If you are selling MVC records to a client, you must submit a list of all represented clients and include their mailing address, phone number, and the intended use of the information collected. You must attach this list to your completed application form.

The MVC requires you to update your client list on a quarterly basis. If you do not sell MVC records to a client, please mark the appropriate box on the application. Disclosed information cannot be distributed beyond authorized third parties.

As provided by the federal Driver Privacy Protection Act of 1994, Pub.L.103-322, any person who is authorized to receive personal information under this section and discloses information covered by the provisions of this act, shall keep records of each request for five years, identifying persons or entities that have received said information. The purpose for releasing the information must be recorded and made available to the MVC upon request. Any person who receives personal information from a motor vehicle record shall release or disclose that information only in accordance with this act.