Commercial Bus

To operate a Commercial Bus Intrastate Service, you must apply for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. There are different requirements for different carrier services.
The three passenger carrier service offered in New Jersey are:

  • Intrastate Regular Route Operations

Carrying passengers on regular schedule between predetermined fixed points in New Jersey

  • Casino Bus Operations

Carrying passengers to and from Atlantic City from locations within New Jersey

  • Special Bus Operations

Carrying passengers without a set schedule to or from a location and charging a fare that may or may not include special discounts or premiums

Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) Instructions
Application Petition for Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN)

Mail your completed application to:

Motor Vehicle Commission
Passenger Carrier Service Request
P.O. Box 680
225 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08666-0170

To operate a Commercial Bus Interstate Service, you must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).   Interstate means traveling from one to another to conduct business. More information about obtaining a bus registration from FMCSA is available at
If you are not sure in what category the type of service you intend to operate will fall, or if you intend to operate an ambulance, hotel bus, jitney (within up to four contiguous municipalities in a shore county), commuter van, para-transit, limousine, taxicab,  or mobility assistance vehicle please review the information below.

Passenger Vehicle Transportation (PVT) and You

Over the years, the means of providing passenger transportation has evolved from the traditional commercial bus, taxicab and limousine services to include the non-traditional transportation provided by nursing homes, adult care centers, retirement villages, medical liveries, recreational (outfitters) transports, hotel buses and other transport services.
“Passenger Vehicle Transportation" means vehicles regardless of fuel type, plated as taxicab, limousine, jitney, Omnibus 2, hotel bus, para-transit vehicle, mobile assistance vehicle, or ambulance, except those vehicles inspected by the Commission's Inspection Services Bus Unit.
As part of the "PVT and You" program:

  • Vehicles will be required to be brought annually to a State Inspection Facility or an MVC licensed Private Inspection Facility to:
    • Be inspected for the applicable emission test
    • Be examined for mechanical defects
    • Meet all applicable Federal Motor Carriers Safety Standards
  • Vehicles that currently qualify for “no fee” registration will continue to receive “no fee” registration; however, their plates will designate their “use” rather than “no fee” (NF).

In order to initially register or renew the registration of a PVT vehicle, you must submit all of the following documentation to any NJ Motor Vehicle Agency:

  • Required documentation for the vehicle being registered (see below for details).
  • A completed MVC vehicle registration form.   
  • Vehicle registration.


Vehicle Type

Required Documents

Omnibus 2

A Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) which can be obtained by mail from the MVC Omnibus 2 Unit.

See the application forms (Omnibus 2 Information). The phone number for the Omnibus 2 Unit is 609-777-4186.


Must submit provider license issued by the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH), Emergency Medical Services for Basic Life Support Ambulance.
New service providers will submit a “New Provider Application Letter” from the DOH.
Volunteer Rescue Squad must submit a certification from the governing body of political subdivision in which the squad is located, certifying that the squad provides Basic Life Support Services to the municipality and its ambulance and ambulance equipment are qualified to perform emergency medical services as prescribed under N.J.S.A. 27:5F-13.1 through 27:5F-27.

Hotel Buses

Letter from hotel, inn or motel on company letterhead requesting that the vehicle be registered as a “hotel bus” and issued a US DOT number (if applicable). Letter must contain a full description of the vehicle and include the make, model, model year and vehicle identification number.


Must submit a letter or certificate from the local municipality or municipalities in which they operate stating that the vehicle or vehicles meet the minimum liability insurance required by law.


Applicant must have a certificate or letter from municipality that vehicle is livery, autocab or limousine.  It must carry $1.5 million of liability insurance. This certificate must be presented to MVC employee before vehicle registration can be issued.  A Power of Attorney (POA) whereby the applicant appoints the Chief Administrator of MVC as his attorney-in-fact for service of process must be filed.

Mobility Assistance Vehicles

Must submit a provider license issued by the New Jersey Department of Health, Emergency Medical Services.


Must present a para-transit certification that the organization operates para-transit vehicles as prescribed under N.J.S.A. 48:4-1. See the para-transit certification form. Form must be completed and signed by an officer of the organization.


Must submit a letter or certificate from the local municipality or municipalities granting authority to operate as taxi.