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RELEASE: September 4, 2014

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Christie Administration Makes Special License Designation Available to Insulin-Dependent Diabetics

New Procedure to Also Aid Law Enforcement in Quickly Helping New Jerseyans
in the Midst of a Diabetic Emergency

(TRENTON) --  The Christie Administration today announced that insulin-dependent drivers and non-driver ID holders now have the option to indicate their medical status on their driver's license or ID card so that law enforcement can quickly identify their condition should they become unable to communicate in an emergency situation.

Under the new law that became effective Sept. 1, persons who are insulin-dependent diabetics may voluntarily inform the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) of their status and have either their driver's license or non-driver ID card marked with a "5" under the restriction code. The MVC will also issue the customer a pink "Designation/Restriction" card that will indicate the diabetic condition and must accompany the other document.

"The MVC is always looking for ways to work more effectively with our law enforcement officials and emergency personnel to better serve our customers," said MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez. "Making this particular information readily available will be an additional tool to help identify a person who has become unable to communicate due to a diabetic emergency so that law enforcement can get them the help they need."

For someone who already has a driver's license, the process must be completed in person at any one of the MVC's 39 agencies statewide.

Those people who have non-driver IDs must first obtain a specific information packet and then complete the process by mail.

"This is an entirely voluntary program and the designation will only be included if the person chooses to participate and completes the necessary process,"  Martinez added.

A detailed explanation of how to obtain the insulin-dependent diabetic designation on a driver's license or non-driver ID is available on the MVC website, www.njmvc.gov, under the "licenses" tab.