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RELEASE: August 29, 2017
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Millions and Millions Served – From Home
Skip the Trip Mail-in Renewal Program Reaches Two Million Driver’s Licenses Renewed

(TRENTON) – The success of the Christie Administration's Skip the Trip program continues as the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) hit a milestone – 2 million driver’s license renewals completed by mail, contributing to less congestion in traditionally high-volume agencies statewide.

“We're pleased that so many people have taken us up on our invitation to stay home, renew by mail and spend their time doing the things they want to do,”
said MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez. “Two million renewals through Skip the Trip means two million less people in line at our agencies, saving countless hours for customers and MVC employees.”

Through the Skip the Trip program, licensed drivers and non-driver ID holders only have to mail in their completed  renewal application, enclose a check or money order for the appropriate fee and within 10 days of receipt of payment, a new four-year driver license or non-driver ID is issued and delivered to them through the mail. The secure process utilizes the customer's existing photo and their address on record with the MVC.

The Skip the Trip program was initially launched in July 2012 for those eligible individuals who were born on or before December 1, 1964.  The program was later expanded to eligible customers of all ages.

Skip the Trip is made possible because of enhanced MVC security procedures that utilize state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to verify the identities of eligible customers prior to mailing their renewal notice.

Customers who are offered the opportunity to renew by mail but choose to visit an agency instead will be required to present 6 Points of Identification.

This significant milestone reflects the MVC’s commitment to providing high quality customer service to millions of New Jersey residents, and is part of an effort to reduce agency wait times statewide.  In addition to Skip the Trip, many transactions can be completed online, including renewing vehicle registrations, requesting a driver history record, paying restoration or surcharge fees and purchasing specialty plates. 

“If you don’t have to come to an agency, why would you?” asked Martinez. “While 70% of our customers are eligible to renew their license from home, only about 45% choose to do so.  While we’re proud of reaching this milestone, we hope that more and more customers will take advantage of Skip the Trip.”

Although many customers will receive the Skip the Trip notice, there are some instances where mail renewal is not permitted. Customers with a Commercial Driver License (CDL), Graduated Driver License (GDL), Temporary Visa Restriction (TVR), interlock device, or whose driving privileges are suspended are not eligible for mail renewal and must visit an agency.

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