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RELEASE: April 16, 2020
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Press Release

In New Jersey, You Don’t Need to Go to the “DMV”
NJMVC Quietly Expands Online Transactions


TRENTON – While Motor Vehicle Commission agencies have been closed to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Commission has continued to assist its customers. Much of these operations involve processing mailed transactions, resolving license suspensions, registering and inspecting essential vehicles, and answering questions from the public. But a big part of what the MVC is doing is moving transactions online.

“We started moving online last year, in advance of REAL ID,” said Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. “We created online processes for most driver license renewals and replacements for a lost or stolen license or registration. You can also change your address online. But since COVID-19 shut down our public operations, we’ve accelerated.”

While individual vehicle registrations could be renewed online before, the process required you to have your mailed renewal notice in front of you; that process has now been streamlined. And commercial registrations can now be renewed online as well.

“As of today, we have enabled online renewal of two Commercial Registration codes: Code 11 for commercial trucks and tractors, and Code 16 for aggregate haulers,” said Fulton. “This affects roughly 250,000 transactions per year and will play a key role in keeping the critical supply chain moving during this emergency.”

The Commission is also assisting drivers with suspended licenses to get those licenses restored, if they are eligible, using email instead of phone or in-person interactions. Drivers who believe they are eligible for restoration should email suspension.info@mvc.nj.gov with their information and copies of relevant documents.

Other transactions are being reviewed to reduce in-person interactions. “We want to push as much of our work out of the agencies and onto the website as we can, without sacrificing the critical fraud protections in place to secure your identity and property,” said Fulton. “It’s a balancing act, but we’ve made a lot of progress.”

While license and registration expiration dates have been extended by Administrative Order, Fulton emphasized that drivers shouldn’t wait to renew their licenses or vehicle registrations.

“Your next renewal date won’t change, so you’re not saving any money by waiting,” Fulton cautioned. “We’re expecting a huge influx of renewal transactions online when the extension runs out. If you’re up for renewal, and you can pay the fee, you should get it done now and avoid potential wait times.”

Customers should visit NJMVC.gov for the latest updates and news.