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RELEASE: October 9, 2020
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NJ Drivers Can Now Upgrade Probationary Licenses Online

TRENTON – Starting today, New Jersey drivers who have successfully completed one year of unsupervised driving on their probationary license can upgrade to a basic license online at, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has announced.

This new online service is available for drivers with a probationary license up to 7 months prior to their renewal date, eliminating the need for many in-person visits to MVC Licensing Centers.

As a bonus, drivers who take advantage of the new service, and upgrade their probationary license to a basic license online, will be able to complete their first renewal of a basic license online upon their license expiration. Those who do not upgrade their probationary license online will be required to visit an MVC Licensing Center for their first renewal on the basic license, also referred to as a standard license.

Customers can learn more about the Graduated Driver License Program in New Jersey at the MVC website.

For more MVC news and updates, and a list of all available online services, visit