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RELEASE: October 16, 2020
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Press Release

New Facilities Open at Wayne MVC October 19

Increased Capacity, Improved Service Comes to North Jersey Location


TRENTON – Brand-new, upgraded MVC facilities will open in Wayne on Monday, October 19, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission announced today.

The new Wayne Licensing Center is nearly triple the size of the prior building, making it one of the largest MVC Centers in New Jersey, with more than four times the number of service counters as before.

A new Road Test Field House, office building for inspection workers, and expanded parking lot, with nearly double the number of spaces as before, also have been constructed on site.

“Wayne is one of our busiest locations in North Jersey and the new facilities will greatly improve our capacity to serve more customers and serve them faster,” said MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. “We are excited about the opportunity to improve customer service and better manage volume.”

Importantly, the MVC now will be able to deploy its SMS service at Wayne. Due to ongoing construction and demolition on site, Wayne was the only remaining MVC Center unable to implement the text messaging service, which was unveiled at other MVC Centers in July.

The SMS service allows customers to visit an MVC Center, receive a ticket, provide a cell number, and leave the MVC premises until a text notifies them to return for service.

“Finally having the text messaging system in Wayne will lessen the lines outside and allow more customers to leave the facility as they wait,” noted Fulton. “It’s going to be a big help processing customers and keeping everyone safe from COVID-19.”

Notable improvements at Wayne include:

  • New Licensing Center with 21,672 square feet of space, compared to 8,216 square feet in the previous Center
  • 13 service windows, up from three in the previous Center
  • 25 driver knowledge test stations, up from 22 in the previous Center
  • New parking lot with 296 spaces, up from 174 in the previous lot
  • 14 Restoration/Suspension service windows, previously zero


The Licensing Center also includes extra space for additional MVC services unavailable in Wayne before. These services will be rolled out and announced by the MVC in the future.

The Wayne Licensing Center, Road Test site, and Inspection Station will all retain the same address, at 481 Route 46 West, Wayne, NJ 07404.

The Wayne MVC location was closed from October 15 to October 17, as workers make final preparations for opening the new site.

“We can’t wait to open the doors to customers on Monday,” said Fulton. “The new, modernized facilities are going to make the customer experience in Wayne so much better and pay dividends for years to come.”

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