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RELEASE: September 29, 2021
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NJMVC Expands Motor Vehicle Services in Wayne

Wayne Agency Becomes Joint Licensing and Regional Service Center

TRENTON – The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission today announced it is expanding services at its Wayne facility.

The Wayne agency, located at 481 Route 46 West, now will be designated a joint Licensing and Regional Service Center. It becomes the sixth Regional Service Center in New Jersey, along with current locations in Paterson, Newark, Trenton, Eatontown, and West Deptford.

The following new services are being provided at the Wayne agency:

  • Suspensions
  • Restorations
  • Hearings


“We are pleased to bring these regional services to Wayne to help customers in resolving suspensions, obtaining restorations, and providing hearings,” said NJMVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. “Adding the sixth Regional Service Center allows the NJMVC to offer increased services in our busiest region of North Jersey.”

New regional services are available today in a designated section of the Wayne agency, apart from the Licensing Center. With the addition of regional services and staffing, Licensing Center operations will not be affected.

The Wayne Regional Service Center features:

  • 14 Restoration/Suspension counter windows
  • 14 employees currently dedicated to regional services, with plans to further increase staffing
  • 9 Driver Improvement Analyst (DIA) stations for hearings and conferences to resolve a suspension issue


In October 2020, the NJMVC opened a brand-new agency in Wayne, replacing a smaller building at the same site. At 21,672 square feet, the new agency is nearly triple the size of the previous structure and was built with the expanded capacity needed to add the new regional services.

Before any NJMVC visit, customers should first consult the guidance available at the NJMVC website on suspensions and restorations. Some actions that are needed to resolve a suspension, including the payment of fees and surcharges, are available online or by mail, and do not require a visit to a Regional Service Center.

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