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NJMVC Expands Online Services

TRENTON – The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is adding 17 more vehicle types to its online registration renewal and replacement services. This will allow more customers to conduct their NJMVC business without the need for a visit to an agency.

This expansion of online services is made possible through a new document upload feature on the NJMVC website that will allow the efficient and secure upload of required documents by customers so these specific 17 registrations can be renewed or replaced online. The new document upload feature paves the way for even more NJMVC services to be offered online in the future.

“This announcement will impact more than 80,000 vehicles in New Jersey. It’s a significant milestone for the NJMVC as we continue to build out our capacity for online services,” said NJMVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton. “Our goal is to push as many transactions online as possible for improved customer service and convenience, and with safety and security still foremost in mind.”

As of today, Feb. 24, the following additional vehicle registration codes are newly eligible for online renewal and replacement: 

  • taxi (Code 13)
  • limousine (Code 14)
  • school bus I (Code 17)
  • school bus II (Code 18)
  • special road machinery trailer (Code 23)
  • farm truck (Code 31)
  • light duty tow truck (Code 32)
  • heavy duty tow truck (Code 33)
  • solid waste dual reg (Code 39)
  • constructor dual reg (Code 41)
  • farm use (Code 51)
  • agricultural tractor (Code 52)
  • contractor equipment in transit (Code 56)
  • migrant farm worker (Code 58)
  • 55,000 lbs. or commercial vehicles 55,000 lbs. or more (Code 11)
  • non-commercial vehicles 55,000 lbs. (Code 16)
  • ambulance no fee (Code 12)


Customers with vehicles in the above categories will be eligible to use the new document upload feature to submit documents and renew their registration online only if it has not expired before Sept. 2021.

A request for a duplicate or replacement registration online for these vehicle codes will not require the uploading of documents. 

Additionally, customers who have received renewal notices for vehicles in the above categories with an expiration before June 2022 will not get the required PIN preprinted on their application for renewal. To renew online, these customers will have to request a PIN through the NJMVC’s online PIN request service. The PIN request service also is embedded in the process for online registration renewal at the NJMVC website.

The NJMVC has steadily moved transactions online throughout the pandemic so that about 80% of all transactions can now be completed online. These 17 added vehicle codes will push the figure of vehicle registration renewals and replacements that can be completed online closer to 100%.

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