Community Organizations


If you are a member of a qualified non-profit community organization in New Jersey, you can commemorate your group's civic contributions and achievements with special organizational plates.

To purchase organizational plates

  • The following is general information applicable to the three organizational plate types noted above.


    • Plate fees vary by plate type.
    • Organizational plates cannot be ordered online or at a motor vehicle agency.  All initial application requests must first go through the qualified non-profit, alumni or service organization.
    • Personalized organizational plates may be available for certain qualified organizations, subject to approval by the organizations.
    • Contact your organization and ask for the license plate coordinator to get the process started.
    • You may also call the MVC’s Special Plate Unit at 609 292-6500, ext. 5061 to request the name of your organization’s license plate coordinator.
      • Once approved by the coordinator, plates are available from:
        New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
        Special Plate Unit
        PO Box 015
        225 East State Street
        Trenton, NJ 08666-0015


Plate Type Assigned Series Bottom Rim
Children First Foundation CF1000-CF9999 Choose Life
Firemen's Mutual Benefit Association FF1000-FF9999 State F.M.B.A.
Fraternal Order of Police FP1000-FP9999 State F.O.P.
Int. Brotherhood of Teamsters IB1000-IB9999 Teamsters
International Firefighters IF1000-IF9999 Firefighter Int'l
Kiwanis International KI1000-KI9999 Kiwanis International
Knights of Columbus KC1000-KC9999 Columbianism
Masons MB1000-MB9999 Freemason
Police Benevolent Association PB1000-PB9999 State P.B.A.
Professional Engineers PE1000-PE9999 Engineer
Rotary International RI1000-RI9999 Rotarian
Square Dancers SD1000-SD9999 Square Dancer
Telephone Pioneers PA1000-PA9999 Tele. Pioneer
Newark Firefighters FD1000-FD9999 Newark F/F
Police Dept-Honor Legion PD1000-PD9999 Honor Legion

National Police Defense Foundation

PF1000-PF9999 NPDF Safe Cop
Operating Engineers OE1000-OE9999 Operating Engineers
United Bowhunters of NJ UB1000-UB9999 United Bowhunters