Military Personnel

If you are actively or inactively registered in the military, you may purchase military reserve plates for passenger or commercial vehicles (not for motorcycles).

For Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine and Navy Reserve units the cost for plates is $25.

Other Military plates honor:

  • The National Guard ($15)
  • Disabled American Veterans ($15)
  • Combat Infantryman Badge ($15)
  • Congressional Medal of Honor (issued only to holders of the Congressional Medal of Honor at no charge)
  • Gold Star Family (no charge)- apply through NJ Gold Star Mothers
  • Navy Cross ($15)
  • Silver Star (no charge)
  • Prisoners of War (no charge)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars ($15)

Call the MVC at (609) 292-6500 ext. 5061 to request an application.

Mail the completed application to:

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission
Special Plate Unit
PO Box 015
Trenton, NJ 08666-0015

Plate Type Assigned Series Bottom Rim
Air Force Reserve AF1000-AF9999 USAF Reserve
Army Reserve AR1000-AR9999
Army Reserve
Coast Guard Reserve CR1000-CR9999 USCG Reserve
Gold Star Family MH1000-MH9999 Gold Star Family
Marine Reserve MR1000-MR9999 USMC Reserve
Navy Reserve NR1000-NR9999 USN Reserve
Disabled Veteran DV1000-DV9999 Disabled Vet
National Guard NG Air/Army Guard
Combat Infantryman Badge CI1000-CI9999 Combat Veteran
Congressional Medal of Honor CMH and 3 letters -
Navy Cross NC1000-NC9999 Navy Cross
Prisoner of War P1000-P9999 P.O.W.
Silver Star 1000SS-9999SS Silver Star
Veterans of Foreign Wars (old style) VFW100-VFW999 Garden State

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