Non-commercial Trucks or SUVs

A non-commercial truck (registration code 15) is a vehicle designed primarily for transportation of property but not used for commercial transportation of goods, wares, merchandise and/or used for hire. The most common non-commercial truck today is an SUV.

Vehicles that qualify as non-commercial trucks:

  • Pick-up Trucks
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • El-Camino - Chevrolet
  • Ranchero - Ford
  • Brat - Subaru

The following vehicles do not qualify:   

  • 01 - Wagon
  • 02 - Two door (coupes)
  • 03 - Convertible
  • 04 - Four door (sedans)
  • 06 - Limousine

Rules and regulations

If you are registering your vehicle as a non-commercial truck it may not have the following on the exterior:

  • Advertising
  • Signs                                             
  • Lettering
  • Names
  • Addresses

The only exception would be the trademarks and labels of the vehicle manufacturer.

During the registration process, the applicant must confirm that the vehicle will only be operated for personal use by answering the question on the back of Application Form BA-49 (found only at NJMVC agencies – complete on site).


You will receive regular passenger plates when you register your non-commercial truck.