Service Organizations

If you are a member of a qualified non-profit service organization in New Jersey, you can commemorate your group's civic contributions and achievements with special organizational plates.

To purchase organizational plates

  • The following is general information applicable to the three organizational plate types noted above.

    • Plate fees vary by plate type.
    • Organizational plates cannot be ordered online or at a motor vehicle agency.  All initial application requests must first go through the qualified non-profit, alumni or service organization.
    • Personalized organizational plates may be available for certain qualified organizations, subject to approval by the organizations.
    • Contact your organization and ask for the license plate coordinator to get the process started.
    • You may also call the MVC’s Special Plate Unit at 609 292-6500, ext. 5061 to request the name of your organization’s license plate coordinator.
      • Once approved by the coordinator, plates are available from:
        New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
        Special Plate Unit
        PO Box 015
        225 East State Street
        Trenton, NJ 08666-0015


    Plate Type Assigned Series Bottom Rim
    Airborne AB1000-AB9999 Airborne
    American Legion AL1000-AL9999 American Legion
    Civil Air Patrol CP1000-CP9999 Civil Air Patrol
    Coast Guard Auxiliary CA1000-CA9999 USCG Auxiliary
    Marine Corps League ML1000-ML9999 Leatherneck
    Merchant Marine MM1000-MM9999 Merchant Marine
    Merchant Marines Academy KP1000-KP9999 Kings Point
    Pearl Harbor Survivors 1000PH-1500PH Pearl Harbor 41
    Purple Hearts PH1000-PH9999 Combat Wounded
    Submarine Veterans SS1000-SS9999 Silent Service
    Tin Can Sailors DD1000-DD9999 Tin Can Sailors
    Veterans of Foreign Wars WV1000-WV9999 VFW of the US
    Vietnam Veterans VV1000-VV9999 Vietnam Vets
    Retired Air Force RA1000-RA9999 USAF Retired
    Retired U.S. Army GI1000-GI9999 U.S. Army Retired
    Disabled Veterans WD1000-WD9999 Disabled American Veterans
    West Point WP1000-WP9999 West Point
    Lakehurst Navy LK1000-LK9999 Lakehurst Navy
    Navy League NL1000-NL9999 Navy League