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Private Inspection Facilities (PIFs) are required to purchase test equipment from Parsons/SGS Testcom to participate in the New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Program.


Equipment required for PIF license:
  • Emission equipment, approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, which must be maintained in proper working order
  • Vehicle lift or heavy-duty floor jack; does not apply to Heavy Diesel testing
  • Brake testing equipment such as a drive-on horizontal scale or roller type tester. If you do not have this equipment, you may road test the brakes for inspection; does not apply to Heavy Diesel testing
  • Miscellaneous tools necessary to complete all inspections and repairs
  • Tire tread depth gauge calibrated in 32nds of an inch
  • Scraper for removing old inspection sticker or rejection sticker from windshields
  • Rubber stamp for certification of approval on vehicle registration certificates. MVC furnishes the stamp design
  • Electronic medium available for retrieval of the vehicle inspection information form and transmission to MVC’s database

Maintenance agreement and services

In addition to the purchase of the equipment, PIFs are required to sign a maintenance agreement with SGS and enroll with Parsons for Electronic Transmission Services. Each PIF must have Internet access linked to the new equipment. Download a PIF equipment participation kit [pdf] for equipment specifications, pricing, maintenance and ordering instructions. The kit contains enrollment forms for both SGS and Parsons.

For further information about the purchase of equipment and maintenance program call SGS at (888)-665-2009.

For questions concerning the Parsons and Electronic Transmission Services please call (888) 656-6867.

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