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Standard Data File Exchange

The purpose of the Standard Data File Exchange Program is to allow certain permitted companies under the Driver Privacy Protection Act to request records in bulk.  The following are examples of frequently requested information:

  • Violation Statistics
  • Statistics by Zip Code
  • Address Information
  • Mileage Information
  • Vehicle Information (Title, Registration, Inspection History, Accident)
  • MVC Fee Information
  • Handicapped Statistics

The requestor does not need to provide driver license numbers, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) or plate numbers.  The information is usually supplied by MVC to the requestors via electronic file transfer or compact disc.  This program is for bulk information, and it is not intended or permitted for individual lookups. 

The Standard Data File Exchange Program may only be used by entities that need to contact individuals for the purposes of motor vehicle or driver safety and theft; motor vehicle emissions; motor vehicle product alterations, recalls, or advisories; performance monitoring of motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts and dealers; motor vehicle market research activities, including survey research; and the removal of non-owner records from the original owner records of motor vehicle manufacturers.  Social Security numbers are never released.  Personal information will be excluded whenever possible.  “Personal Information” means information that identifies an individual, including an individual’s photograph; social security number; driver identification number; name; address other than the five-digit zip code; telephone number; and medical or disability information, but does not include information on vehicular accidents, driving violations, and driver’s status. 

MVC provides the records via electronic file transfer. To request bulk records, please contact:

Business Partner Management
225 East State Street –3 East
P.O. Box 122
Trenton, NJ 08666-0122

Please direct questions to:

(609) 292-8821
Fax: (609) 341-2732

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