Growing a Business

Growing a Business

Site Selection

New Jersey offers site selection services through the New Jersey Business Action Center to help you find a property that best suits your business needs. The team at the Business Action Center actively maintains a comprehensive database of New Jersey commercial properties and uses a full-service approach to make it convenient, attractive and affordable for you to grow your business in New Jersey.

Site selection services include:

  • Partnering with local communities to advance the "Ready for Growth" initiative to encourage the redevelopment of selected, idle sites based on the goals of the Economic Growth Strategy and the growth of key industries in the State;
  • Advancing portfields, brownfields and other similar initiatives to develop underutilized or environmentally unsound sites for large-scale, commercial and mixed-use projects;
  • Working closely with companies of all sizes to help control design and construction costs;
  • Handling property management services so you have more time for running your business;
  • Providing critical assistance in land acquisition, particularly those in urban areas where available financial incentives make the right property affordable for you;
  • Spearheading development and construction projects, especially those that create, attract or retain high wage jobs in high-growth sectors of the State's economy, for public or nonprofit sector clients;
  • Offering marketing guidance, networking opportunities and referrals.

To find out more about how New Jersey can assist you with your expansion or relocation project, complete the Real Estate Site Selection Questionnaire [pdf 7.5kb] or call the New Jersey Business Action Center at 1-866-534-7789.

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