Industry Overviews

Industry Overviews

Industry Overviews

New Jersey's diverse economy includes major pharmaceuticals, life sciences, financial services, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and transportation and logistic sectors. Our Business Advocates have a deep understanding of your industry and all that New Jersey can bring to your business plan. Take a look at our key industry sectors to learn more about New Jersey's advantages. When you grow or relocate in New Jersey, you'll find yourself in good company!

Life Sciences - New Jersey has the highest concentration of scientists and engineers in the world and is considered a global leader in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industries.

Information Technology - The information and communications technology (ICT) sector boasts the second-highest concentration of ICT workers in the nation with more than 5,000 information and technology companies based in New Jersey.

Financial Services - For national as well as global economies, New Jersey's financial services industry provides the fuel that promotes job creation and sustains economic growth and innovation.

Pharmaceuticals - New Jersey's selection of world-class universities, research institutions and talented workforce help sustain the State's reputation as a giant in the pharmaceutical industry.

Manufacturing - New Jersey is the nation's most strategically relevant location for manufacturing, as well as a gateway for exporting.

Transportation / Logistics - The State's well-developed transportation infrastructure, proximity to the national market, and extensive warehousing and distribution capabilities literally give New Jersey access to the world.

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