New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority

New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority


Why Choose NJEFA For Your Financing Needs?

Access to an array of low-cost financing options

  • Tax-exempt bonds
  • Taxable bonds
  • Direct placement / Bank purchase
  • Tax-Exempt Leasing Program
  • Various refunding options to meet specific needs
  • Public-Private Partnership financing

In-house Expertise

NJEFA has expertise in financial markets, implications of tax and securities law, and post-issuance matters.

NJEFA Takes a Client-Centered Hands on Approach

NJEFA remains involved in client transactions from concept through the life of the financing, providing service before the transaction enters the capital markets, during the financing process and after a transaction closes. NJEFA also provides clients with access to educational opportunities geared specifically to help New Jersey’s higher education institutions make the most informed decisions to address their capital financing needs.

Pre-issuance Services

Prior to the issuance of bonds, NJEFA discusses financing needs and options with its client institutions, procures finance professionals, manages the finance team, coordinates legal documentation, and more.

Post-issuance Services

Post issuance, NJEFA directs investment of bond proceeds for maximum allowed earnings in accordance with bond documents, processes bond requisitions for payment, provides audit support, retains a monitor for swap agreements, and more.

Over 50 years with no defaults

$19 billion issued since inception

$329 million in NPV savings since 2015

For More Information Contact:

Sheryl Stitt
Acting Executive Director

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