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Disaster Preparedness Part 1: Preparing Your Family Before an Emergency
In part one of this four part training series, you will be introduced to the basics of disaster preparedness. Disasters can be chaotic for everyone, but as a resource parent you have the additional challenge of having to follow DCP&P policy, while keeping your family safe at the same time. Though emergency situations may be unpredictable, you can take steps today that will help your family survive and persevere. The course will cover important steps of preparation such as developing a family emergency plan, making emergency kits, and how to psychologically prepare children for disastrous events. It will also discuss the types of natural disasters most common to New Jersey so you know what to expect.

Disaster Preparedness Part 2: Staying Safe During an Emergency
In part two of this four part training series, you will learn how to protect your family while a disaster is occurring. The course will give you specific instructions and tips on what to do during a variety of disaster scenarios such as hurricanes, floods, and industrial accidents leaking harmful chemicals into the environment. You will also be introduced to details of evacuating and sheltering in place, and when you should do each of these. As a resource parent, you may well know that the children in your care may need extra emotional support. This becomes even more important in times of disaster, so the course will examine the emotional toll that disasters may take on children, and ways to support them.

Disaster Preparedness Part 3: Recovering and Coping with Disaster
In part three of this four part training series, you will begin to learn how to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of a disaster. As a committed resource parent, you may be accustomed to always being the one to help others, instead of the one asking for help. This course will detail the many types of assistance available following catastrophic events so you are aware of the resources available to you and your family. The other main focus of this course is recovery for both your children and you. It will explain some common reactions children have to disasters, along with tips on how to help them cope. Finally, you will learn stress management techniques for yourself and warning signs that a family member or you needs to seek extra mental health attention.

Disaster Preparedness Part 4: More Than Mother Nature
In the first three parts of our disaster preparedness series, the focus was on natural disasters. In this final course, we will shift gears and talk about man-made disasters. With technology advancing every day things like cyber attacks, nuclear power plant accidents and hazardous material incidents are subjects we have to become knowledgeable on to be prepared for anything. Acts of terrorism will also be discussed, along with another section on coping with these events.


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