Carolyn Klaube is an Environmental Scientist at the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council. She brings an extensive background in ecological stewardship and research to the Highlands Council science team.

Prior to joining the Highlands Council, Carolyn was the Stewardship Director for the Sourland Conservancy. In that role she oversaw the Conservancy’s amphibian crossing guard program, stream monitoring, and native habitat restoration efforts among other responsibilities. Her research experience includes analyzing the impacts of white-tailed deer on the spread of non-native invasive species in New Jersey, as well as an examination of wildfire and its impacts on native and non-native plant interactions in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. Carolyn also has significant experience with public outreach and education, having led numerous presentations and workshops designed to engage the public in sound ecological practices.

Carolyn holds a Bachelors of Science in Natural Resource Management, with a focus on plant science and urban forestry from Cook College, Rutgers University; and a Masters of Science in Biology with a Concentration in Ecology and Evolution, from Montclair State University.