Casey Ezyske is a Water Resource Management Specialist for the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council. In this role, Casey is primarily responsible for drafting Wastewater Management Plans for municipalities within the Highlands Region. Prior to her current work, Casey was actively engaged in processing build-out results and reports for municipalities. Casey has also been instrumental in the assessment of water quality, water quantity, and lake management areas within the Highlands Region and preparation of related technical reports.

Casey’s Master’s work explored the fate of cerium oxide nanoparticles in landfill leachate. Casey also completed undergraduate research in the ecological restoration of short grass steppe in the Pawnee National Grasslands and Central Plains Experimental Range in Colorado. Prior to joining the Highlands staff, she worked as a volunteer naturalist at the Upper Raritan Watershed Association. 

Casey holds a B.A. in Natural Resource Management and Watershed Science from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO and an M.A. in Environmental Management from Montclair State University.