Sarah Friend is an Environmental Scientist at the New Jersey Highlands Water Protection and Planning Council. She has an extensive research background and a strong foundation in laboratory and field science, with experience in environmental microbiology, water quality, and ecology.

Prior to joining the Highlands Council, Sarah worked in the NJDEP’s Office of Fish and Wildlife Health and Forensics. While there, she investigated the causes of fish and wildlife mortalities throughout the state and conducted research into environmental issues influencing the health of fish species. Sarah also worked with the Bureau of Wildlife Management, reviewing permit applications, inspecting holding facilities, and working with conservation law enforcement to investigate potential violations. Earlier in her career, Sarah was employed at Mote Marine Laboratory, overseeing a team of biologists responsible for the health of the aquatic animal collection. Sarah has published widely in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has contributed to many significant projects related to fish and wildlife health.

Sarah graduated from New College of Florida with a B.A. in Biology with a thesis on endocrine disruption in wildlife. She earned an M.S. in Marine and Atmospheric Sciences with a concentration in molecular biology from Stony Brook University.