The Highlands Council Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff provides access to its GIS data in a variety of formats for use by the general public as well as GIS professionals.

Interactive Map
The Highlands Interactive Map is an online tool that allows users to explore various features of the New Jersey Highlands Region using Highlands-specific as well as state-wide data sources. Users can also generate custom maps and reports for general information or for use by planning, engineering, and/or GIS professionals.
Interactive ERI

The Highlands Interactive Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI) is a map-based application designed to assist in the development of municipal ERIs. The application can be used to view and export maps and associated narratives describing a wide range of environmental and other resource data for the Highlands Region.

The application pulls data directly from a variety of sources, ensuring the best currently available data is always being presented.

Highlands Region Interactive ERI Overview Training, May 2022
A 30-minute introduction to the Interactive ERI. Recording provides an overview of application content, features, navigation and tools and demonstrations on how to use the application for a site-specific reviews and to build the foundation of a municipal ERI.

Land Preservation Data Updates Survey
Designed specifically for use by land preservation professionals, this ArcGIS survey tool allows users to enter information about missing, incomplete or incorrect preserved parcel data on the Highlands Council Interactive Map.
GIS Data
The Highlands Council provides the following data and tools for use by GIS professionals.