The Highlands Regional Master Plan (RMP) is continually updated as a result of new or corrected information received from municipalities as part of the Plan Conformance process.  In addition, the Highlands Act requires a more substantive review take place every six years. The RMP outlined a Monitoring Program to meet this requirement:

"The RMP Monitoring Program and associated Monitoring Review Report will evaluate the progress in achieving the goals of the RMP through implementation of policies and programs. The implementation of a monitoring program will ensure that the RMP remain effective and current." - Highlands Regional Master Plan, pg. 416

Project Components

The Highlands Council has engaged the services of outside consultants to support the work of the 2014/2015 RMP Monitoring program. Additional details regarding these projects will be posted to this site as they become available.

Web Comment Portal
To collect public comments via Highlands Council website. This contract was approved by the Highlands Council in January 2014.

RMP Monitoring Program Recommendation Report (MPRR)
To synthesize the results of all efforts related to the Monitoring Program. This consultant will assist in the identification of indicators and milestones through the facilitation of public hearings, stakeholder meetings, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings, and outreach sessions. This contract was approved by the Highlands Council in April 2014.

Fiscal Impact Assessment (FIA)
To evaluate the economic effects of the Act and RMP on municipalities and counties wholly or partially within the region as compared to the State and other comparable regions. This contract was approved by the Highlands Council in May 2014.

Work Product