Plan Conformance procedures were adopted by the Highlands Council in 2019 as an amendment to  the Regional Master Plan (RMP). The guidelines provide a framework for municipal and county Plan Conformance. Contact the Highlands Council office for additional information regarding submission of Plan Conformance petitions (908-879-6737 or

Municipal Petitions for Plan Conformance

A Municipal Petition includes the modules listed below. Links to additional information are provided. To see examples of completed module documents, see individual municipal pages. Contact the Highlands Council for more information about completing a Petition for Plan Conformance (908-879-6737 or


The Highlands Council provides a comprehensive grant program to support the Plan Conformance process. Funding and expertise is available for a wide range of planning projects: Funding Areas.

For additional information about Plan Conformance Grants, please see “Plan Conformance Grants” on the “Grant Programs” link in the main menu to the left.