Passaic has 78,897 acres in the Preservation Area and 5,065 acres in the Planning Area of the Highlands Region. (Its remaining 42,181 acres, in the southern portion of the County, lie outside the Region.) The County submitted a Petition for Plan Conformance for its Preservation Area lands, and on December 16, 2010 was the first county to receive petition approval from the Highlands Council. This page contains links to documents related to the County's conformance with the Highlands Regional Master Plan.

County Adoptions
This section contains documents approved or adopted by Passaic County that implement the Highlands Regional Master Plan at the local level.
Approved Petition for Plan Conformance

Passaic County's Petition for Plan Conformance was approved by the Highlands Council on December 16, 2010.

Council Approved Documents

Materials from Public Hearing


**PLEASE NOTE: The documents provided on this page include a complete history of the municipality’s Petition for Plan Conformance.  The most current versions of Plan Conformance documents are at the top of the page, with prior drafts included below.  Documents below this line are included for reference only and should be considered ARCHIVED material.


Final Posting Prior to Public Hearing

The documents below include all edits made prior to Highlands Council consideration of Passaic County's Petition for Plan Conformance.

Petition Posting for Public Comment

A public comment period was held from November 17 through December 3, 2010 and announced by public notice . Comments received and Highlands Council responses are included in the Comment/Response document in the section above. The following documents constitute the county’s final submission to the Highlands Council and include the Final Draft Consistency Review and Recommendations Report prepared by Highlands Council staff for Highlands Council consideration of the full Petition.


Administratively Complete Petition for Plan Conformance

The following documents comprise all required components of the county Petition for Plan Conformance, which was deemed administratively complete by the Highlands Council.

As part of the county's petition, Passaic County also requested Regional Master Plan updates and Map Adjustments and specific responses were provided:  Highlands Council Response Letter Dated March 31, 2010 re RMP Update and/or Map Adjustment Request(s) (2.1 MB pdf)