Pohatcong Township in Warren County has 7,571 acres in the Preservation Area and 1,208 acres in the Planning Area of the Highlands Region. The municipality submitted a Petition for Plan Conformance for both areas, which was approved by the Highlands Council on August 3, 2011. This page contains links to documents related to the Township’s conformance with the Highlands Regional Master Plan.

WITHDRAWN: Proposed Highlands Center Designation Amendment (jointly with Lopatcong Township)

The Warren County Townships of Pohatcong and Lopatcong have jointly petitioned the Highlands Council for approval of amendments to their previously approved Highlands Center designations. Public Comments on this petition were accepted between February 12 and March 13, 2024. Three comments were received and a comment response document is included as Appendix 1 in the final report below, which details the petition's consistency with the Highlands RMP. This petition was withdrawn by both municipalities.

Work Funded by the Highlands Council

This section contains documents approved or adopted by Pohatcong Township that help implement Highlands Regional Master Plan at the local level. These deliverables were paid for through the Highlands Council Plan Conformance Grant Program. Please be advised that the most recent versions of municipal documents should be obtained directly from the municipality.

Approved Petition for Plan Conformance with Highlands Center Designation

Council Approved Documents

Materials from Public Hearing

Supporting Documents