The Highlands Council staff maintain a number of tracking and status sheets to support a transparent process that provides interested parties with current information regarding the Plan Conformance process.

The Municipal Plan Conformance Petition Tracking Sheet provides an overview of the entire Petition process from the date a Petition is received by the Highlands Council through the date of final action by the Highlands Council and public notice of decision.

The Municipal Plan Conformance Implementation Tracking Sheet tracks progress once a Petition for Plan Conformance is approved by the Highlands Council. The document indicates dates when key elements of the implementation process, such as the adoption of the Highlands Master Plan Element or Highlands Land Use Ordinance, are completed in each municipality. Please note: this tracking sheet currently does not include all implementation steps, but will be expanded as required as municipalities progress through the process.

The Plan Conformance Implementation - Additional Items sheet tracks Highlands Council funded projects that help implement the RMP and advance the goals of the Highlands Act, but are not captured in the tracking sheets above.

A summary of Plan Conformance Grant Expenditures to-date is available in the dcument below. Complete details regarding Plan Conformance grant funding by municipality is available in the Implementation Plan and Schedule document that is part of every municipal petition for Plan Conformance.

The Project Review Tracking Sheet contains a summary of all proposed Highlands Region projects reviewed by Highlands Council staff for consistency with the Highlands Regional Master Plan.

Details and documents related to projects that required public review and vote by the Highlands Council are available on the Completed Project Reviews page.