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NJ Next Stop is a state site sponsored to help NJ teens, parents, and counselors learn more about career interests, career options, and the world of work.  It also provides information about industries, occupations and skills that are in demand in New Jersey.   Here are some suggestions for navigating this site.

  • The Home Page is packed with info to help you get ready for the work world. 
    • Click on the industry/occupation areas (e.g., Finance) on the left-hand side at “Are You Ready?”.  Learn more about the jobs and skills that are in-demand from NJ specific research.  Updates on specific industries are included from the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Labor Planning and Analysis and you can read about the updates in the Labor Market Views--see the blue box for "More Information." You can read the full report, based on the original research, on each industry as well—see the blue box for "More Information."
    • Also on the left-hand side, check out Alternate Career Routes to explore other pathways to careers.
    • There are practical advice articles at Advice 101 that range from helping you prepare for the SATs to goal setting, scholarship advice, help with finances, pathways to college…and much, much more.
    • Real People articles give you first-hand information from New Jerseyans with a variety of careers on how they made it—and advice on how you can be successful too.
    • Check out What’s New, which provides the latest news and information.
    • Sign up for the monthly Career Fuel Newsletter, which is jammed packed with interviews and advice on exploring career options.
    • If you are interested in a job that’s not listed under our research, check out O*Net, a federal government web site with a wealth of info on a vast number of occupations and jobs. Here you can find national, as well as state specific data, like job demand and wages.
    • Ask us questions or provide comments by clicking on the envelope icon at the bottom left of the Home Page or sending us an e-mail at questions@njnextstop.org.  We will try to help! We want to hear from you about what you find helpful on NJ Next Stop or how we can improve our website to help you in your career exploration.
  • Across the top, check out the multi-colored tabs to get your questions answered, begin your career planning process, view career videos, check out  some of NJ’s  Top Companies, and dig deeper to look at job demand, current openings, and wage info.

Because the Career Planning Process is a prime focus of this web site, you may want to start there.  If you do, then My Career Builder will help you tap into your interests, explore your options, make informed decisions, and start planning your future. Click here to get started.