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As part of your Career Planning Process—click on My Career Builder Tab for the key steps—during your exploration, decision making and planning, you will want to find out which jobs are in demand (emerging industries and industries and jobs where there may be labor shortages), and salaries you can expect when choosing a certain career.  In addition to the “Are You Ready?” industries and occupational areas, which can be found on the Home page Tab, the web site resources below will provide you a wider array of up-to-the-minute information to assist you along your career exploration journey.  They will help you dig deeper into the facts!

NJCAN is an online career guidance system that offers information about careers, plus information about education and training needed to succeed. In addition, it also offers many career exploration assessment tools and job search tips and techniques.  Dig in!

Occupation Explorer
Occupation Explorer shows labor market information for an occupation that you choose. Enter a keyword or title of the occupation and you will get employment and wage data. You can also search by using a list or occupational category. You can search throughout NJ or look just for a specific county.  Search over and over—there are lots of options!

Real Jobs in Demand
To help in exploring career options, check out this web site, which is updated monthly for the most current information available on New Jersey’s labor market—info you help you make smart career decisions.  It provides answers to questions like “Which jobs are in demand today and in the future?” “In which jobs are there labor shortages?” “How much do these jobs pay?”  “What training and education are required?”….and much more.

Wage Data
Among the labor market information is data on salaries by area and occupation.  Check out the salaries paid for jobs and career areas you may be considering.  It may be different than you think!