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New Jersey Youth Resource Spot

Policy, Tools, and Other Useful Information

Educate Yourself!

Did you know that the New Jersey Department of Children and Families has a section on their website dedicated to providing information on its programs and services available to youth just like you? These policies outline the rules and procedures by which DCF provides its services and programs. This is a valuable resource for NJ youth and providers to educate themselves and find answers to policy-related questions.

A few examples of Policy Manuals on the DCF web site policy page are:

  • DCF-Wide Policies
  • Child Protection & Permanency
  • Children’s System of Care
  • Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit
  • Office of Education
  • Regulations

Search for Specific Policies

Click here to access the DCF web site policy page. You can explore the policy categories listed on the left side of the page by clicking on each or, to find a particular policy, click on the "Search DCF Policies Link" to use the Search Box.

Policy Search Instructions

Want to see for yourself? Click HERE to learn how to search for specific policies!

Tips for using the Search Box:

  1. To limit search results to DCF policies, users will need to select the “DCF Policy Manuals” option from the drop down list next to the search box.
  2. Use quotation marks to search for a word or phrase. For example, if you wish to search for information about Independent Living Stipends, type : “independent living stipend” or “stipend”.

Tools and Forms that You Should Know About

Credit Reports Form for Adolescents Age 18 to 21:Did you know that your DCP&P Case Worker can help you access your credit report and figure out what to do if you’ve been the victim of fraud or identity theft? Click here to learn more!

Health Care Representative Directive:If you’re over the age of 18, you have the right to choose someone to make health care and treatment decisions for you if for some reason you are injured and aren’t able to do so on your own. Completing a “Health Care Representative Proxy Directive” is the first step—check this out for more info

Independent Living Budget Worksheet:Some young people involved with DCP&P and able to receive a monthly Independent Living Stipend that helps them purchase food, clothes and other things that can help them make ends meet. Do you know if you’re eligible? Contacting your DCP&P Case Worker is the first step to find out. He/she will probably want to meet with you to complete a Independent Living Budget Worksheet—click here to learn more and download the worksheet.

Info on Joining the Military:Have you ever thought about joining the armed forces? This Guide was designed to help young people in foster care learn more about the different options that are available, requirements, and how the enlistment process works.

Need help?

For assistance finding policies or navigating the DCF website, the Policy and Regulatory Development can be reached during business hours at (609) 888-7030 or by email at DCFPolicy@DCF.State.NJ.US

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