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Exclusion List  
Full Name
Venero Frank Mangano
Venero Frank Mangano Photo
Benny Eggs

New York, NY 10014
Additional Information
Date of Exclusion Order
Preliminary Order
Final Order
March 20, 1987
Docket No.
Date of Birth
September 7, 1921
180 lbs.
Distinctive Marks

Miscellaneous Information

Mr. Mangano was convicted of bookmaking on four occasions by the New York City Police Dept. as follows:

On 10/7/46, he received a $50 fine;

On 5/15/47, he received a $200 fine;
On 10/8/50, he received a $200 fine or a 60-day jail term;
On 2/21/61, he received a $250 fine or 25 days and sentenced to A 90-day jail term.

By order dated 8/6/81, the U.S. District Court of Pa. found Mr. Mangano in civil contempt for refusing, without just cause, to provide testimony after having been granted immunity. He was incarcerated from 8/18/81 until 4/22/82.

Mr. Mangano is listed in the Dintino report and in testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary as a "caporegime" in the Genovese crime family.

Testimony of Joseph Coffee of the N.Y. State Organized Crime Task Force in the GNOC hearing before the Commission on 9/9/86 identified Mr. Mangano as a "capo in the Genovese family."

The respondent is alleged to be an associate of Anthony Salerno, alleged "boss" of the Genovese Organized crime family. On 6/4/84, Mr. Mangano was videotaped by the FBI meeting with Anthony Salerno.

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