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Overview I Additional Information & Resources

Additional Information & Resources
Staying Safe in the Car - Car Seat Recommendations for Children
Containing information that will help parents and care takers alike, this tri-fold brochure, produced by the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety, provides an overview of child passenger safety as well as car seat recommendations for children.

Car Seat Recommendations: Choosing the Right Seat
Recommendations on this chart will help you choose the right safety seat for your child, reducing the risk of injury or death.

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Schedule of Events – Child Passenger Safety Week
A list of child passenger seat check times and locations for the week of September 15 - 21, 2019.

Permanent Seat Check Schedule
County-by-county list of child passenger seat check stations and events including location, date, and contact information.

New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety Child Passenger Safety Web Page
Comprehensive information on properly using and installing child passenger safety seats.

Not Even for a Minute! - Presented by the Department of Children and Families, this web page discusses the dangers of leaving children unattended in a car, in particular, during the hot summer season. It’s also important to remember that when re-entering a vehicle, especially when traveling during the summer months, to always make sure the car or booster seat isn’t hot to the touch. Never put a child into a seat that has been sitting in a hot car for any period of time without allowing it to properly cool down.

Parents Central: How to Find the Right Car Seat
Created and maintained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this web page was created to help guide parents through the process of choosing, installing and registering the right car seat for their child.

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