52:4B-9. Rules and regulations; determination of compensation
9. In the performance of its functions, the agency is authorized to make rules and regulations prescribing the procedures to be followed in the filing of applications and the proceedings under P.L.1971, c.317, and such other matters as the agency deems appropriate.

In determining the amounts of compensation payable pursuant to P.L.1971, c.317, the agency shall insofar as practicable formulate standards for uniform application of this act and shall take into consideration rates and amounts of compensation payable for injuries and death under other laws of this State and of the United States and the availability of funds appropriated for the purposes of P.L.1971, c.317.

The agency shall establish maximum rates and service limitations for reimbursement for medical and medical related expenses, including counseling. In establishing these rates, the agency shall reflect the medical fee schedules for health care providers established by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance pursuant to the provisions of section 10 of P.L.1988, c.119 (C.39:6A-4.6). A medical service provider who accepts payment from the agency for a service shall accept the agency's rates as payment in full and shall not accept any payment on account of the service from any other source if the total of payments accepted would exceed the maximum rate set by the agency for that service.

All standards formulated and maximum rates and service limitations for reimbursement established by the agency shall be subject to the prior review and approval of the Review Board.