Caption Docket Number
V.E. and L.B. on behalf of P.B. v. Totowa Board of EducationEDS 7823-14
M.M. and M.K. OBO L.K. v. Edgewater BOE and M.M. and M.K OBO L.K. v. Edgewater BOEEDS 16489-18 and EDS 16792-18
S.W. OBO M.W. v. Jackson Township BOE, Ocean CountyEDS 00451-20
T.Y. and A.Y. OBO A.Y. v. Greenwich Township BOE and Warrent County Special ServicesEDS 00874-2019
M.R. OBO M.M v. Union Township BOEEDS 09244-2019
H.D. and N.A. OBO N.D. v. West Orange BOE and West Orange BOE v. H.D. and N.A. OBO N.D. EDS 01468-2017 and EDS 01469-2017 and EDS 05300-2018 and EDS 05303-2018
C.R. and N.R. OBO E.R. v. South Brunswick Township BOEEDS 12874-2018
S.S. and D.S. OBO R.S. v. Madison BOEEDS 03514-17
Mahwah BOE v. S.M. OBO L.T. EDS 01335-2019
M.M. obo K.M. v. Paterson BOEEDS 00982-2019
J.S. and F.S. OBO L.S. v. Ridgewood Village BOEEDS 15780-17
West Orange BOE v. H.D. and N.R. OBO N.D and H.D. and N.R. OBO N.D. v. West Orange BOEEDS 18128-2018 and EDS 18129-2018
M.B. and S.B. OBO L.B v. Cinnaminson Township BOEEDS 07848-2017
Middletown Township BOE v. M.S. obo G.S. EDS 16215-18
G.G. and L.G. obo M.G. v. Montclair BOEEDS 15472-2017
E.E. and L.E. obo v. Ridgefield Park BOEEDS 07537-2017
E.M. and J.M. OBO A.M. v. Northern Valley Regional BOEEDS 11104-2018
B.T. and A.T. obo R.T. v. Edison Township BOEEDS 11125-2015
F.H. and M.H. OBO J.H. v. West Morris Regional BOEEDS 10706-2017
W.C. and L.C. OBO D.C. v. Kinnelon BOEEDS 18093-2017
East Brunswick Township BOE v. I.A. and I.A and Hatikvah International Academy Charter OBO B.AEDS 17692-2018
K.P. OBO I.M. v. Saddle Brook Township BOEEDS 01982-2019
T.R. OBO L.A. v. Salem City BOE and Camden City BOEEDS 16571-2019
D.K. and E.K. OBO D.K. v. Parsippany Troy Hills BOEEDS 03928-2019
J.A. OBO R.A. v. Clifton BOEEDS 09536-2017
M.D. and S.H. OBO L.D. v. Vineland BOEEDS 10045-2018
G.B. and L.B. OBO B.B. v. Hunterdon/Voorhees Regional High BOEEDS 00417-2019
M.I OBO M.I v. North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High BOE and M.I. and C.I obo M.I v. North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High BOEEDS 09957-2018 and EDS 17034-2018
S.M. and E.M. OBO B.M. v. Garden AcademyEDS 00983-2010
S.B. and H.B. OBO G.B v. East Greenwich Township BOEEDS 13660-2018
G.P. OBO M.P. v. Mastery Schools of Camden BOEEDS 16244-2018
M.F. OBO C.F v. Hamilton Township BOEEDS 06093-2019
J.S. and J.S. OBO B.S v. Green Brook Township BOEEDS 09937-2018
Washington Township BOE v. H.M. OBO R.M. EDS 08328-2019
P.N. OBO J.N. V. Newark BOEEDS 12116-2018
J.W. and M.W. OBO A.W. v. Medford Lake Borough BOEEDS 09058-2018
C.J. OBO Y.D. v. Willingboro Township BOEEDS 03461-2018 and EDS 00479-2019
Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional BOE v. J.B. and C.B. OBO J.B. v. Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional BOEEDS 18145-2018 and EDS 00902-2019
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township BOE v. K.K. and A.K. OBO A.K.EDS 05268-2018
L.K. and K.L. OBO R.L. v. Randolph Township BOEEDS 02712-2018
C.R. OBO C.R. v. Nutley Town BOEEDS 07553-2019
K.K OBO Minor Child R.M. v. Gloucester City BOE and K.K. on OBO Minor child A.W. v. Gloucester City BOEEDS 08360-2018 and EDS 08361-2018 and EDS 09245-2018 and EDS 09247-2018
C.F. OBO A.H. v. Neptune Township BOEEDS 08134-2019
C.S. and J.S. OBO J.S. v. Parsippany Troy Hills BOE EDS 10202-2018
D.S. and R.S. OBO J.S. v. Howell Township BOEEDS 12331-2018
E.P. OBO E.P. v. North Arlington BOE and E.P. OBO E.P. v. North Arlington BOEEDS 04966-2019 and EDS 04976-2019
J.F and D.J. obo J.F. v. South Orange-Maplewood BOEEDS 08155-2018
Marlboro Township BOE v. S.R. and D.R. OBO A.R. EDS 02890-2019
Marlboro Township BOE v. S.R. and D.R. OBO A.R. EDS 02890-2019
V.P. and R.P. OBO H.P v. Middletown Township BOE EDS 09664-2018
Monroe Township BOE v. J.M. obo E.M. EDS 05598-2019
T.D. OBO J.D. v. Gloucester County Vocational BOEEDS 05282-2019
S.M. OBO L.T v. Mahwah Township BOEEDS 15780-2018
K.S. OBO L.S. V northfield City BOE and Northfield City BOE v. K.S. OBO L.S.EDS 10882-2017 and EDS 10885-2017
A.M. OBO T.P. v. Eastampton Township BOEEDS 13696-2018
J.O. and C.O. obo M.O. v. West Orange BOEEDS 10030-18
K.M. and D.M. OBO H.M. v. Ridgewood Village BOEEDS 09422-2017
D.M. obo J.O. v. Lakewood Township BOE, Ocean CountyEDS 09751-18
M.S. and D.S. obo N.S. v. Randolph Township BOEEDS 04386-17
C.P. OBO F.P. v. Clifton Board of EducationEDS 15781-2017
EDS 05079-16 L.B. obo J.B. v. Roselle Borough BOEEDS 05079-16
Brick Township BOE v. L.M. and D.M. OBO R.M. and L.M. and D.M. OBO R.M. EDS 04579-2018 and EDS 06220-2018
N.P. and S.P. obo S.P. v. Gloucester Township BOEEDS 03121-2017
C.B. OBO C.B. v. Hopewell Township BOEEDS 10497-2018 and EDS 11689-2018
S.G. and A.G. OBO S.G. v. Toms River Regional BOEEDS 05614-2018
S.V. and M.V. OBO C.V. v. Madison Borough BOEEDS 09024-2017
J.C. and S.C. OBO J.C. v. School District of The Chathams BOEEDS 14176-2018
Edison Township BOE v. E.L. OBO. E.LEDS 08095-2018
J.M. and E.M. OBO C.M. v. Summit City BOEEDS 10588-2016
Manalapan-Englishtown Regional BOE v. A.D. and M.D. OBO S.D. EDS 10972-2018
T.N. and M.L. OBO J.N. v. Gloucester Township Public Schools BOEEDS 10046-2018
S.D. OBO J.D. v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional BOEEDS 13199-2017
A.B. OBO. E.R. v. Paterson BOE and Passaic County Technical InstituteEDS 16337-16
J.M. and A.M. obo M.M. v. Middletown Township BOEEDS 14310-17
C.K. OBO J.K v. Montague BOE High Point Regional High School BOE and Windsor School EDS 12039-2018
M.T. and R.R. OBO J.R. v. Middletown Township BOEEDS 15728-2017
C.E. and A.E. obo C.E. v. Northern Highlands Regional High School District BOEEDS 10842-16
T.V. and E.V. obo K.V. v. Morris BOEEDS 11722-18
West Orange BOE v. C.O. obo M.O. EDS 01486-18
L.B. obo J.B. v. Roselle Borough BOEEDS 16796-16
B.R. OBO C.R. v. Mount Olive Township BOE EDS 12347-2018
D.B. & M.B. OBO v. Freehold Regional High School BOEEDS 03468-17
E.T. obo I.T. v. Ridgewood Village BOEEDS 05665-17
K.E. and B.E. obo T.E. v. Northern Highlands Regional BOE and Upper Saddle River BOEEDS 08946-17
M.N. & D.N. obo A.N. v. New Milford BOEEDS 01992-17
D.F. obo J.R. v. Middletown Township BOEEDS 08816-18
T.T. v. West Essex Regional BOEEDS 08815-18
S.L. obo A.L. v. Keyport BOEEDS 08000-18
J.D. o/b/o J.H. v. Plainfiel BOEEDS 18029-16
B.C. and J.S. OBO C.S. v. West Orange BOE EDS 02920-18
R.T. and T.T. OBO P.T. v. East Brunswick Township BOEEDS 09961-17
J.B. obo M.B. v. Rockaway Township BOEEDS 08681-17
E.T. and M.T. obo V.T. v. Monore Township BOEEDS 01729-16
Y.B. and F.B. OBO S.B. v. Howell Township BOEEDS 11768-17
T.D. obo J.D. v. Gloucester County Vocational BOEEDS 05315-18
EDS 00083-17 S.P. obo G.M. v. Riverside Township BOEEDS 00083-17
EDS 08581-17 N.P. and A.P. obo S.P. v. Princeton Regional BOEEDS 08581-17
EDS 01340-17 and EDS 09479-17 Tinton Falls BOE v. B.K. obo of C.K.and EDS 05040-17 and EDS 09478-17 B.K. obo of C.K. v. Tintion Falls BOE EDS 01340-17 and EDS 09479-17 and EDS 05040-17 and EDS 09478-17
EDS 09112-17 S.R. And M.R. OBO of J.R. v. Franklin Township BOEEDS 09112-17
EDS 18095-17 T.P obo A.P v. Northen Valley Regional BOEEDS 18095-17
S.S. and M.S. obo H.S. v. Hillsborough Township Public School Disctrict EDS 14675-17
EDS 14911-17 L.H. obo of E.T. v. North Brunswick Township BOEEDS 14911-17
K.K. obo A.W. v. Gloucester City BOE and K.K. obo of R.M. v. Gloucester City BOEEDS 18458-17 and EDS 18460-17
C.C. obo D.C. v. Hope Township BOEEDS 17825-16
A.W. obo C.W. v. Lakewood Township BOEEDS 12832-17
S.P. v. Brick Township BOEEDS 16718-17
K.T. obo B.T. v. Washington Township BOEEDS 16366-17
EDS 02063-17 B.R. obo V.R. V. Edison Township BOEEDS 02063-17
M.M. OBO K.M. V. Paterson BOEEDS 12808-17
D.I. and S.I. obo T.I v. Monroe Township BOEEDS 10816-17
EDS 9727-14 L.R. obo OF J.R. v. Camden City BOEEDS 9727-14
EDS 00491-17 J.T. obo G.T. v. Dover Town BOEEDS 00491-17
EDS 05635-16 and EDS 08289-17 M.G. and D.G. obo of M.G. v. North Hunterdon/Voorhees Regional High BOEEDS 05635-16 and EDS 08289-17
EDS 2690-15 K.N. and J.N. obo J.N. v. Gloucester City BOEEDS 2690-15
02614-16 D.A and P.A. on behalf of D.A v. Livingston BOEEDS 02614-16
EDS 12524-16 & EDS 13086-16 E.P. obo E.P. v. North Arlington BOEEDS 12524-16 and EDS 13086-16
EDS 11492-16 P.S. and S.S. obo A.S. v. Springfield Township BOEEDS 11492-16
EDS 07132-17 Fairlawn BOE v. A.H. and N.H. obo M.H.EDS 07132-17
EDS 17426-15 A.C. and L.C. obo S.C. v. Bernards Township BOEEDS 17426-15
EDS 12086-16 S.S. and D.S. obo S.S. v. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township BOEEDS 12086-16
EDS 04039-16 J.D. and B.D. on Behalf of W.D v. Summit City School BOEEDS 04039-16
EDS 08590-17 L.M. and W.B obo C.B. v. Mahwah Township BOEEDS 08590-17
EDS 10256-15 K.K. and R.K. obo D.K. v. Watchung Hills Regional High School DistrictEDS 10256-15
EDS 08561-17 L.B. obo S.C. v. Hamilton Township BOEEDS 08561-17
EDS 08702-17 G.G obo C.J v. Jersey City BOEEDS 08702-17
EDS 08459-17 C.D. obo S.C. v. Mainland Regional BOEEDS 08459-17
EDS 00890-17 L.W. v. Jersey City BOE and Parsippany-Troy Hills BOEEDS 00890-17
EDS 07691-17 D.R. obo M.R. v. Woodbury BOEEDS 07691-17
EDS 05518-17 Edison Township BOE v. Z.H. obo L.G.EDS 05518-17
EDS 05519-17 Wayne Township BOE v. G.G. and S.W. obo G.G.EDS 05519-17
EDS 06855-17 Washington BOE v. C.L. and A.L. o/b/o N.L.EDS 06855-17
EDS 18512-16 Middletown Township BOE v. A.T. and J.T. obo S.T.
EDS 15963-16 M.I. obo M.I. v. North Hunterdon/Voorhees Regional High BOEEDS 15963-16
EDS 02498-16 J.H. v. Plainfield BOEEDS 02498-16
EDS 03903-17 L.B. obo W.B. v. Green Brook Township BOE, Somerset CountyEDS 03903-17
EDS 14389-15 K.G. obo R.L. v. Cinnaminson Township BOEEDS 14389-15
EDS 11310-15 New Providence BOE v. F.C. obo M.L.EDS 11310-15
EDS 11880-16 K.I. obo K.I. v. Moorestown Township BOEEDS 11880-16
EDS 14726-16 D.M. obo L.M. v. Ridgewood Village BOEEDS 14726-16
EDS 19406-15 C.J. obo A.D. v. Willingboro Township BOEEDS 19406-15
EDS 08913-16 J.A. and J.A. obo J.A. v. Monroe Township BOEEDS 08913-16
EDS 08486-16 A.F. and S.F. obo N.F. v. Warren Hills Regional High BOEEDS 08486-16
EDS 05765-16 R.K. obo P.R. v. Boro of Roselle BOEEDS 05765-16
EDS 02868-16 Z.R. obo E.R. v. Newark BOE, EDS 09187-16 Newark BOE v. Z.R. obo E.R.EDS 02868-16 and EDS 09187-16
EDS 19267-16 Y.G. obo S.G. v. Union Township BOE and Windsor Learning CenterEDS 19267-16
EDS 18908-16 D.W. and A.K. obo L.W. v. Fair Lawn BOEEDS 18908-16
EDS 15887-13 L.M. and M.M. obo G.M. v. Willingboro Township BOEEDS 15887-13
EDS 15820-16 D.H. and J.H. obo L.H. v. Mount Olive BOEEDS 15820-16
EDS 15438-16 S.D. obo L.D. v. Newark BOEEDS 15438-16
EDS 15299-15 D.O. obo M.O. v. Jackon Township BOEEDS 15299-15
EDS 15077-16 D.M. obo M.M. v. Kinnelon Borough BOEEDS 15077-16
EDS 13659-14 J.N. and F.N. obo E.N. v. Lakewood Township BOEEDS 13659-14
EDS 13568-15 G.S. and N.M. obo E.S. v. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township BOEEDS 13568-15
EDS 13514-16 K.R. obo J.R. v. Cherry Hill Township BOEEDS 13514-16
EDS 13275-16 Monroe Township BOE v. T.L. obo I.L. EDS 15499-16 T.L. obo I.L. Monroe Township BOEEDS 13275-16 and EDS 15499-16
EDS 12619-15 M.M. and S.M. obo G.M. v. Bayonne BOEEDS 12619-15
EDS 12392-16 Montclair BOE v. I.K. obo Z.S.EDS 12392-16
EDS 11383-16 M.F. and J.F. obo Minor Child J.F. v. Morris BOEEDS 11383-16
EDS 10942-15 A.L. and R.L. obo K.L. v. Englewood BOEEDS 10942-15
EDS 10891-16 Northern Highlands Regional BOE v. C.E. and A.E. obo C.E.EDS 10891-16
EDS 09085-16 E.P. and J.P. obo S.P. v. Monroe Township BOEEDS 09085-16
EDS 08774-16 L.S. obo B.S. v. Beverly City BOEEDS 08774-16
EDS 08677-16 H.L. and J.L. obo V.L. v. Marlboro Township BOEEDS 08677-16
EDS 08542-15 L.S. and S.S. obo K.S. v. Howell Township BOEEDS 08542-15
EDS 08418-15 D.T. and S.T. obo A.T. v. Montville Township BOEEDS 08418-15
EDS 07818-16 Franklin Township BOE v. N.K. obo M.M.EDS 07818-16
EDS 07675-14, EDS 09143-14 and EDS 15019-16 F.S. and A.S. obo Z.S. v Edison Township BOEEDS 07675-14, EDS 09143-14 and EDS 15019-16
EDS 07242-16 A.M. and K.M. obo K.M. v. Clifton BOEEDS 07242-16
EDS 07235-16 Clifton BOE v. I.Y. and M.Y. obo D.Y.EDS 07235-16
EDS 06949-16 J.L. and B.L. obo B.L. v. Cherry Hill BOEEDS 06949-16
EDS 06533-16 Hamilton Township BOE v. K.H. obo V.H.EDS 06533-16
EDS 06476 Teaneck Community Charter BOE v. H.D. obo M.D.EDS 06476-16
EDS 06170-15 T.R. and P.R. obo D.R. v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional BOEEDS 06170-15
EDS 05547-16 D.B. and A.I obo S.B. v. Pascack Valley Regional High School BOE Bergen CountyEDS 05547-16
EDS 05392-16 Haddonfield BOE v. S.R. obo P.R.EDS 05392-16
EDS 02367-16 M.B. obo L.B. v. Cinnaminson Township BOEEDS 02367-16
EDS 1263-14 M.H. obo A.H. v. Washington Township BOEEDS 1263-14
EDS 01173-16 T.M. and S.M. obo J.M. v. Branchburg Township BOEEDS 01173-16
EDS 00003-16 B.S. and S.H. obo H.S. v Westwood Regional BOEEDS 00003-16
EDS 08632-16 E.T. and R.T. obo Minor Child E.T. v. Ridgewood Village BOEEDS 08632-16
EDS 07236-16 D.K. obo B.K. v South Amboy BOE and EDS 07239-16 B.K. obo B.K. South Amboy BOEEDS 07236-16 and EDS 07239-16
EDS 10341-14 C.S. AND S.S. obo of K.S. v. Montclair BOEEDS 10641-14
EDS 00034-15 Jackson Township BOE v. S.G. and K.G. obo A.G.EDS 00034-15
EDS 02269-16 A.P. obo M.G. v. Camden City BOEEDS 02269-16
EDS 10556-15 Pittsgrove Township BOE v. K.D. obo D.D.EDS 10556-15
EDS 05431-16 L.T. obo D.T. v. Ocean Township BOEEDS 05431-16
EDS 13665-14 C.F. and L.F. obo of C.F. v. Lakewood Township BOEEDS 13665-14
EDS 05934-16 Summit BOE v. M.A. obo S.A.EDS 05934-16
EDS 2079-16 C.J. obo J.J. v. Clearview Regional BOE Respondent, Durand Academy EDS 2079-16
EDS 14390-15 D.O. obo M.O. v. Jackson Township BOEEDS 14390-15
EDS 02180-15 S.G. obo J.G. v. Fair Lawn BOEEDS 02180-15
EDS 01865-16 Florence Township BOE v. L.C. and K.C. obo A.C.EDS 01865-16
EDS 12370-15 M.A. obo M.A. v. Sparta Township BOEEDS 12370-15
EDS 09552-15 R.P. and B.P. obo N.P. v. Burlington Township BOEEDS 09552-15
EDS 01864-16 Florence Township BOE v. T.J. and E.S. obo A.S.EDS 01864-16
EDS 01159-16 C.H. obo M.H. v. Salem City BOEEDS 01159-16
EDS 17210-15 D.S. obo S.R. v. Monroe Township BOEEDS 17210-15
EDS 03045-14 K.S obo K.S. v. Hackensack BOEEDS 03045-14
EDS 15329-12 K.S. and C.S. obo J.S. v. Hopewell Valley Regional BOEEDS 15329-12
EDS 18493-13 M.P. and K.P. obo T.P. v. Jackson Township BOEEDS 18493-13
EDS 10269-14 K.M. and T.M. obo R.M. v. Keyport BOEEDS 10269-14
EDS 05168-13 W.K. and C.K. obo M.K. v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional BOEEDS 05168-13
EDS 18260-15 CLifton BOE v. K.M. obo K.M.EDS 18260-15
EDS 17625-15 C.C. and P.C. obo P.C. v. Somerville Borough BOE, Branchburg Township BOE and Ridgefield Park BOEEDS 17625-15
EDS 16901-14 Washington Township BOE v. M.H. and P.H. obo A.H.EDS 16901-14
EDS 16797-14 W.k. and A.K. obo L.K. v. South Plainfield BOEEDS 16797-14
EDS 14420-15 K.J. obo D.O. v. Middlesex Borough BOEEDS 14420-15
EDS 11640-15 P.R. and C.R. obo W.R. v. Lenape Regional BOEEDS 11640-15
EDS 09165-15 Gloucester City BOE v. A.H. and K.S. obo G.H.EDS 09165-15
EDS 4727-2015 R.S. and D.S. obo A.S. v. Glen Rock Board of EducationEDS 4727-2015
EDS 02906-15 & EDS 04333-15 E.I. and R.H. obo L.H. v. Fair Lawn Board of EducationEDS 02906-15 & EDS 04333-15
EDS 02641-15 R.A. and R.A. obo G.A. v. Jersey City Board of EducationEDS 02641-15
EDS 00269-15 C.L. v. NutleyEDS 00269-15
EDS 879-15 - LB v. Maple Shade BOE and LARC SchoolEDS 879-15
EDS 2101-15 J. R. v. ElizabethEDS 2101-15
EDS 3808-14 S.A. and C.A. obo S.A. v. Gloucester Cty Voc BOE and West Deptford Twp. BOE (FTA Decision)EDS 3808-14
EDS 05970-14 A.K. and D.K. on behalf of B.K. v. Springfield Twp BOEEDS 05970-14
EDS 08250-14 J.S. obo A.S. v. TeaneckEDS 08250-14
EDS 09338-15 J.W. and T.W. obo J.W. v. Belleville Board of Educ.EDS 09338-15
EDS 9514-15 S.L. obo S.L. v. Maurice River Twp. BOE (FTA Decision)EDS 9514-15
EDS 09881-15 SummitEDS 09881-15
EDS 10747-14 j s v manalapan-englishtown boeEDS 10747-14
EDS 10775-15 S.W. v. Florham Park Bd. of EducationEDS 10775-15
EDS 11043-14 JF & JF obo JF v. Byram BOEEDS 11043-14
EDS 12783-14 & EDS 1792-15 NS &MS obo AS v West Milford Twp BOEEDS 12783-14 & EDS 1792-15
EDS 13087-15 - LB obo GB v. Maple Shade BOE and LARC SchoolEDS 13087-15
EDS 13790-14 L.A. & O.A. obo J.A. v. Alexandria BOE Final DecisionEDS 13790-14
EDS 17078-15 S.G. v. MontgomeryEDS 17078-15
EDS 07068-15 School District of the Chathams v. S.P. and J.P. on behalf of L.P.EDS 07068-15
EDS 07895-13 and EDS 11834-13 K.L. and F.C. on Behalf of M.L. v. New Providence Board of Education and New Providence Board of Education v. K.L. and F.C. on Behalf of M.L.EDS 07895-13 and EDS 11834-13
EDS 12597-14 N.G. on Behalf of S.D. v. Northern Valley Regional Board of EducationEDS 12597-14
EDS 03270-15 Elizabeth Board of Education v. T.D. on Behalf of E.DEDS 03270-15
EDS 03752-15 D.C. on Behalf of J.J. v. Elizabeth Board of EducationEDS 03752-15
EDS 01583-15 M.W. on behalf of M.W. v. Garfield Board of EucationEDS 01583-15
EDS 12912-14 J.G. and R.G. on behalf of R.G. v. Voorhees Township Board of EducationEDS 12912-14
EDS 00985-15 P.V. & S.F. on behalf of K.F. v. Watchung Hills Regional Board of EducationEDS 00985-15
EDS 06246-15 V.R. on behalf of J.R. v. Newark Board of EducationEDS 06246-15
EDS 05984-13 M.P. and J.P. on Behalf of S.P. v. Millburn Township Board of EducationEDS 05984-13
EDS Education EDS 12667-14 C.M. on behalf of A.E. v. North Plainfield Borough Board of Education EDS 12667-14
EDS 12666-14 J.D. on behalf of J.H. v. Plainfield Board of Education EDS 12666-14
EDS 16735-12 S. T. and S. T. on behalf of P. T. v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional Board of Education EDS 16735-12
EDS 15798-14 R.M. and V.M. on behalf of J. M. v. Washington Township Board of Education EDS 15798-14
EDS 15437-14 M. B. on behalf of S.B. v. Lakewood Township Board of Education EDS 15437-14
EDS 15077-12 D.B. and L.B. on behalf of H.B. v. Gloucester Township Board of Education EDS 15077-12
EDS 14815-12 R.C. and J.C. on behalf of R.C. v. Harrington Park Board of Education EDS 14815-12
EDS 13112-14 M. B. on behalf of C.B. v. Elizabeth Board of Education EDS 13112-14
M.A. on behalf of A.A. v. Jersey City Board of EducationEDS 15629-13
E.B. on behalf of K.B. v. North Hunterdon Voorhees Regional Board of EducationEDS 14346-14
D.K. on behalf of J.K. v Mainland Regional Board of EducationEDS 13392-14
Pemberton Twp. Board of Education v. L.L. on behalf of C.M.EDS 12639-14
J.L. and A.L. on behalf of L.L. v. Wanaque Board of Education; Wanaque Board of Education v. J.L. and A.L. on behalf of L.L.EDS 12152-14 & EDS 12680-14
J.W. on behalf of M.S. v. Greater Egg Harbor Regional High Board of EducationEDS 11818-14
D.H. and J.H. on behalf of L.H. v. Mt. Olive Township Board of EducationEDS 11807-14
N.S. on behalf of W.S. v. Newark Board of EducationEDS 08229-14
N.S. on behalf of W.S. v. Newark Board of EducationEDS 08229-14
EDS 15608-14 Washington Township Board of Education v. R.M. and V.M. on behalf of J.M.EDS 15608-14
EDS 10161-13 and EDS 10159-13 A.T. and L.T. on behalf of A.T. v. N. Hunterdon-Voorhees Reg. Board of Ed. and N. Hunterdon -Voorhees Reg. Board of Ed. v. A.T. and L.T. on behalf of A.TEDS 10161-13 and EDS 10159-13
EDS 8358-14 K.M. and T.M. on behalf of R.M. v. Keyport Board of Education EDS 8358-14
EDS 5183-14 A.M. on behalf of I.S. v. Edison Township Board of Education EDS 5183-14
EDS 02594-14 J.S. and B.S. on behalf of M.S. v. New Milford Board of Education EDS 02594-14
EDS 642-15 D.K. and M.K. on behalf of V.K. v. Atlantic City Board of Education and Margate City Board of EducationEDS 642-15
EDS 16956-14 C.V. on behalf of R.P. v. Trenton Board of Education EDS 16956-14
EDS 16940-14 B.D. and N.D. on behalf of S.D. v. Jackson Township Board of Education EDS 16940-14
EDS 16939-14 - L.B. on behalf of G.B. v. Maple Shade Board of Education and LARC SchoolEDS 16939-14
EDS 15609-14 J.G. on behalf of J.G. v. Hamilton Township Board of Education and Mercer County Technical Schools EDS 15609-14
EDS 18538-13 M.K. on behalf of J.P. v. Hawthorne Board of EducationEDS 18538-13
EDS 10871-13 S.S. on behalf of N.S. v. Brick Township Board of Education EDS 10871-13
EDS 9495-14 L.R. on behalf of J.R. v. Camden City Board of Education EDS 9495-14
EDS 7380-14 V.M. on behalf of M.T. v. Middletown Township Board of Education EDS 7380-14
EDS 1948-14 and EDS 5937-14 L.O. on behalf of W.L. v. Middletown Township Board of Education and Middletown Township Board of Education v. L.O. on behalf of W.L EDS 1948-14 and EDS 5937-14
EDS 08045-14 Hoboken Board of Education v. J.L. on behalf of S.L.EDS 08045-14
EDS 10944-14 D.B. on behalf of P.B. v. Essex Fells Board of Education EDS 10944-14
EDS 09397-14 South Plainfield Board of Education v. D.D. on behalf of A.D.EDS 09397-14
EDS 09803-14 J.F. and J.F. on behalf of J.F. v. Byram Township Boad of Education EDS 09803-14
EDS 8938-14 J.W. and P.W. on behalf of M.W. v. North Brunswick Township Board of Education EDS 8938-14
EDS 09804-14 Hanover Park Boad of Education v. F.S. on behalf of S.S.EDS 09804-14
EDS 08290-13 D.H. and J.H. on behalf of L.H. v. Mount Olive Township Board of Education EDS 08290-13
EDS 12026-14 J.J. and F.J. on behalf of R.J. v. Lakewood Township Board of EducationEDS 12026-14
EDS 11446-14 E.B. on behalf of B.A. v. Burlington City Board of Education EDS 11446-14
EDS 11539-14 H.S. and M.S. on behalf of A.S. v. Harrison Township Board of EducationEDS 11539-14
EDS 11532-14 E.H. on behalf of C.H. v. Lakewood Township Board of Education EDS 11532-14
EDS 08253-14 S.B. on behalf of S.P. v. Scotch Plains-Fanwood Board of EducationEDS 08253-14
EDS 2756-14 M.C. and G.C. on behalf of T.C. v. Ewing Township Board of Education EDS 2756-14
EDS 918-13 and EDS 17698-13 R.P. on behalf of J.P. v. Middletown Township Board of EducationEDS 918-13 and EDS 17698-13
EDS 3123-14 T.W. on behalf of A.W. v. Willingboro Township Board of Education EDS 3123-14
EDS 12198-14 J.N. and F.N. on behalf of E.N. v. Lakewood Township Board of Education EDS 12198-14
EDS 7823-14 V.E. and L.B. on behalf of P.B. v. Totowa Board of Education EDS 7823-14
EDS 12198-14 (J.N. and F.N. obo E.N. v. Lakewood BOE)EDS 12198-14
EDS 12702-14 V. P. on behalf of L.L. v. Newark Board of EducationEDS 12702-14
EDS 10444-14 W.K. and E.B. on behalf of J.K. v. Millburn Township Board of Education EDS 10444-14
J.M. and H.M. OBO H.M. v. Oceanport BOEEDS 07572-2011
Hamilton Township BOE v. L.E. v. A.E. OBO J.E. EDS 14744-2018