New Jersey State Parole Board

New Jersey State Parole Board

Law Enforcement Training & Recruitment Unit

The Law Enforcement Training & Recruitment Unit is responsible for the development and facilitation of all in-service training to sworn State Parole Board staff. Training includes updates in the Attorney General’s Use of Force Guidelines, First Aid/CPR, firearms handling, supervision techniques and information technology applications. In addition, the unit ensures that state mandated training and re-qualification are successfully completed.

The Law Enforcement Training & Recruitment Unit also partners with and provides staff to the Division of Criminal Justice Academy (DCJ). The State Parole Board's Parole Officer Recruit training is among the most challenging and comprehensive training programs in the nation. Candidates selected to become Parole Officer Recruits attend the DCJ Academy where they receive more than six months of challenging and comprehensive academy and agency training, followed by a six-month probationary period where they are assigned to work with a State Parole Field Training Officer to receive on-the-job mentoring before becoming eligible for promotion to the position of Senior Parole Officer.

Recruitment activities are also an important part of the Law Enforcement Training & Recruitment Unit. The unit participates in recruitment events at colleges and job fairs in an effort to obtain a diverse pool of individuals who may one day be New Jersey State Parole Officers. The Law Enforcement Training & Recruitment Unit is also the quartermaster for the agency and is responsible for the ordering, issuance, maintenance, and inventorying of equipment for all sworn State Parole Board Officers.    

Last Updated: 09/30/2021

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