Information Sheet

Frequency of Extensive Pine Barrens Fires*
June 12, 1755 One fire, nearly 30 miles long (Barnegat to Little Egg Harbor)
Throughout 19th Century It is not unusual for 1,000,000 acres to burn in a year
1870 and 1871 Nearly all woodlands in Bass River Township burned (50,000 acres)
1885 127,500 acres burned, including 47,500 north of Barnegat and 15,000 near Atsion
1894 One fire, 125,000 acres
1915 Approximately 102,000 acres
1923 Approximately 1,000,000 acres
May, 1930 Eight large wildfires, 172,000 acres

* information from R.T Foremen's and R.E Roerner's unpublished manuscript on Fire Frequency in the New Jersey Pine Barrens