General Information Unit:

This unit presents an overview of the Pinelands and provides materials that will help prepare students for the units to follow. It includes lessons about Pinelands geography, environmental protection, Pinelands culture and vocabulary words that will be used in the units to follow

Pinelands Soil Unit:

This unit deals with the composition of Pinelands soil and the effect that it has on the water supply of the region. Lessons look at the formation of soil, its physical characteristics, and how soil texture effects water quality.

Pinelands Water Unit:

This unit examines the surface waters of the Pinelands. Its lessons include a look at the water cycle,the chemical properties of Pinelands surface water, the organisms that inhabit Pinelands water, and man's effect on the waters of the Pinelands.

Pinelands Fire Unit:

Fire in the Pinelands plays a major role in the ecology of the region. Lessons in this unit look at the conditions that make the region prone to fire, the methods that Pinelands plants and animals employ to survive the many fires, and peoples' impact, good and bad, on Pinelands fires.

Pinelands People Unit:

This unit looks at the lives and culture of the people who inhabit the Pinelands. Its single lesson explores the industries and resources that supported the population of the Pinelands.

Pinelands Plant Unit:

Plants of the Pinelands are specially adapted to the area's unique conditions. Lessons here look at the difference between trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants, the influence of the water table on plants, the cranberry and blueberry industry, and the impact of people on the vegetation of the Pinelands.

Pinelands Animal Unit:

The Pinelands provide a variety of habitats for animals. This unit will examine how the conditions in the Pinelands have led to animal adaptation; the differences between common, endangered, threatened species; and the physical features that animals have developed to live in their habitat.

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